Four great gift ideas for a new business owner

After dreaming about it for years and planning for months, your favorite cousin finally opened a new business.

While you’re excited to attend the grand opening and celebrate with her, you also want to gift her with something to mark this momentous occasion.

Fortunately, when it comes to both practical and fun gifts for entrepreneurs who are achieving their goal of business ownership, you have plenty of options from which to choose. Here are four suggestions.

1) A giant corkboard

Even if your cousin is determined to be as paper-free as possible in their new business, they will still inevitably be dealing with important documents, like invoices, reminder notes, and other paperwork, that they’ll need to keep front and center in their office.

To help reduce clutter and provide better organization, consider buying them a large corkboard on which they can post important documents, a calendar, and some family photos. Pick out a corkboard that comes with push pins and/or spring for an extra box so they have plenty on hand. 

2) Personalized stationery

As a new business owner, your cousin will probably want to send out some hand-written thank you notes to friends and family, as well as new vendors and community supporters.

To make it as easy on them as possible, consider giving your business-owning cousin a personalized gift like custom stationery that includes their initials at the top and their full name at the bottom. You can round out the gift by adding a few colorful gel pens and a couple of books of stamps.

3) Tile mates

Opening a new business takes a lot of time and effort – and your cousin may be so busy attending to dozens of little tasks that they may misplace their smartphone and/or keys from time to time.

To help keep them on track and be able to find their trusty smartphone, keys, and other important supplies at a moment’s notice, consider buying them a four-pack of “Mates” from TheTileApp. They can attach each Mate tile to their keychain, smartphone, wallet, or purse and then use the corresponding app to find them if they get lost.

Each Mate has a 200-foot Bluetooth range, and if they tap on “Find” in the app, the Mate will ring, making it easy for them to find whatever they have misplaced.

4) Coffee… lots of coffee

Opening a new business can be exhausting, and your cousin may be drinking more coffee than usual to stay alert and get everything done. Help them in their caffeinated quest by giving them a Keurig coffee maker, along with a variety of K-cups to go with it, or maybe a French press with a bag or two of local coffee.

Or, if they’re a devoted Starbucks fan, there’s nothing wrong with giving them a generous store gift card tucked inside a congratulatory card or perhaps hidden inside a personalized mug with a funny expression or picture on it.

Congratulations to your cousin!

Opening a new business is no small feat, and your cousin definitely deserves to be praised and rewarded for their hard work.

By presenting them with a meaningful and useful gift like personalized stationery, coffee, a giant whiteboard, or Tile Mates, you’ll be showing your cousin just how proud you are of them and their efforts while also helping them to succeed at their new venture.

Photo by Nathan Dumlao