Five ways to lead a greener, healthier lifestyle

It can sometimes feel like our modern lifestyles are getting less healthy by the minute.

This could be due to hectic work schedules and overreliance on ‘instant everything’” for daily sustenance.

And while it may seem convenient to shop online and eat microwavable meals because you don’t have enough time to prepare them yourself, the consequence of this kind of lifestyle could be dire for both the environment and your health.

At some point, you may consider embracing an eco-friendly lifestyle that also benefits your overall wellbeing. And while some people may think it’s difficult to balance green living with better health, it’s important to realize how these two can complement each other. 

It’s quite possible to adopt green solutions and lead a healthy life, as long as you apply the right approach, starting with these five suggestions.

1) Visit your local farmers’ market

The first thing you will need to do is to give your current eating habits an upgrade. You may need to consult with a dietician to draft up a healthy meal plan consisting of fresh and organic produce.

And if you do, the chances are you will be asked to visit the local farmers’ market for buying groceries. These places are great for finding delicious and fresh ingredients that aren’t grown with any unhealthy chemicals.

2) Change your daily commute

Driving a car is fine when you are really late for work. But on regular days, it’s better for the environment to take public transit and other alternative ways to get to the office.

To reduce your carbon footprint further, you can always walk to the office or ride a bike. Doing so can help you get some exercise and burn excess fat. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone!

3) Optimize your home for cleaner energy

When it comes right down to becoming more eco-friendly, your best bet would be to take control of how much energy you consume. Homeowners across the United States are beginning to see the value of switching to energy-efficient technology.

The process might seem like a considerable investment, but the long-term benefits can be immense. That said, make sure to look for an electricity company that can set you up with a clean energy program that fits your needs.

4) Maintain a garden

Having your own garden is an obvious approach to lead a healthier, greener lifestyle. So, you might as well start preparing your own compost and growing a wide range of vegetables that you can use for cooking delicious and nutritious meals.

Aside than that, it’s also a great way to improve the surrounding landscape and enhance the curb appeal of your property.

5) Follow a zero-waste plan

Make sure that you keep the amount of waste you produce to a minimum. For this, you might want to avoid single use plastic products and purchase items made from organic materials.

For instance, having a biodegradable organic toothbrush instead of a plastic one will be more eco-friendly. This will essentially reduce the amount of trash in your home and keep you safe from chemicals that might cause a wide range of health complications.

Your journey to a greener, healthier lifestyle can start with these tips. Apply them today and begin transforming your life for the better!

Photo by Ella Olsson