Five ways personal injury lawyers help car accident victims claim maximum damages

Have you been a victim of an accident? Read on for five ways personal injury lawyers can help you claim maximum damages.

Chicago’s traffic-related death rates are the highest in two decades. In 2021, there were 44,903 car accidents in the ‘Windy City.’ Of those accidents, 811 were fatal, and 15,849 involved injuries.

To put that in perspective, Chicago had an average of 122 car accidents daily. This is why you need formidable legal support, like, who understand the nuances of accident law and have a reputation for winning cases. The following are some of the strategies your legal team might employ to build your case.

1) By pursuing a civil case

If your accident has drawn a criminal case, that doesn’t diminish your rights to pursue a civil claim simultaneously. In criminal trials, your lawyer must prove the defendant’s fault beyond a reasonable doubt. Civil cases carry a far lighter burden of proof, so your odds of winning will rise.

They also attract more damages, so they’re better suited to recovering some of your financial losses, including those attached to your psychological distress and lost work productivity. Pursuing a civil case instead of a criminal trial is one of the most powerful ways your personal injury lawyer can maximize compensation.

2) By adding to the breadth of a criminal trial

Individuals can be found guilty of a criminal violation without attracting civil liabilities. If, for example, you were found guilty of driving over the legal alcohol limit, but someone else’s negligence caused your accident, you can still seek compensation.

Never assume that a criminal case negates your capacity to claim damages. A personal injury lawyer will assess the finer details of your accident to establish your losses and build a case against the at-fault driver.

3) By filling the gaps caused by poor reporting

Police reports offer some of the strongest evidence in civil trials, but Chicago’s police reports aren’t always as comprehensive as one might like. The facts of each case can take time to filter into the city’s data tracker.

The data-driven research necessary for a thorough investigation can be slow to take effect, so it’s not enough to simply check a police file. A competent car accident attorney knows how to find their way around red tape. They’ll accumulate a substantial body of evidence by efficiently leveraging sources.

4) By considering all at-fault parties

It’s easy to assume that an at-fault driver causes a simple collision, but not all accidents are that cut and dry. Vehicle manufacturers and airbag companies are often partially at fault. State workers and their employers can play a role in exacerbating the impact of a negligent driver. Restaurant managers might be partly responsible if they negligently served alcohol to an intoxicated patron.

Police misconduct can even play a role in amplifying victim distress, creating room for even more compensation. Accidents don’t always have a single cause. A personal injury case can include multiple third parties. Establishing who’s at fault for an accident is no easy process, but if you have a motivated lawyer, you can seek compensation from everyone responsible for your injuries.

5) By ensuring you have adequate medical evidence

Doctors and hospitals rack up an enormous percentage of personal injury damages, so your medical records are central to your compensation. You can’t prove your losses without adequate diagnostics. Y

our lawyer will make sure they value your claim fully, and part of that process includes ensuring that your healthcare records are comprehensive enough to prove your claims. Injuries don’t stop racking bills the moment you seek compensation, so it’s equally important to establish the damages you’ll face in the future. Your lawyer will use expert witnesses, healthcare paperwork, and your medical prognosis to place a value on your future suffering.

Car collisions exert incredible force, so injuries are often life-altering. Disabilities are expensive. They require household alterations, rehabilitation, medication, and days to months away from work. If a negligent driver or other third party caused your injury, they should shoulder the burden, not you.