Five types of SEO content to help your business climb to the top of SERP

We have all heard the term ‘content’ and are aware that it is important. But few businesses really understand what it means, and how best to use it.

Too often, we assume that SEO content has to equal long, boring keyword-stuffed blog posts. However, blog posts are not the only type of content you can produce that will help you to rank on search engines like Google.

In reality, you need a rich content plan incorporating different kinds of SEO content to improve your rankings on search engines and guide prospects through your sales funnel. Let’s have a look at five different types of SEO content.

1) Offers and discounts

People are often attracted to offers, whether they need a product or not. Incorporate specials in your content marketing by providing your audience with ‘offers’ tailored to their specific requirements.

Discounts and special benefits work well for everyone, especially small company owners. Specials create a sense of urgency in consumers’ minds, encouraging them to act fast.

But in order to create successful offers you must first understand your audience’s behaviour and needs. There are several different types of specials you can opt for, including:

  • Buy one, get one
  • Zero shipping costs
  • Rebates
  • Free gifts
  • Buy x items, get y free
  • Flat percentage discount
  • Bundling discounts

According to the SEO agency Leeds, offering potential customers specials and deals can drive additional footfall to your website and engage existing customers. Additionally, offering special pricing can boost your brand’s reputation in the marketplace and enhance the performance of your page on search engines.

2) Community events

How often do you scroll Facebook or Instagram to check out weekend events? Lots of people do this to find the best music festival, free yoga session, kids’ parties, etc. Community events offer you the chance to interact with your audience, explain your brand, products, and services, and build their trust. 

Promotion is one of the most critical factors in a successful event. Businesses often use the internet and social media to spread the word about their activities. They create several blog posts about the events on their website and social media handles to inform attendees of the date and location of the event.

Using social media and websites to promote your event helps to attract more traffic to your page and get people talking. Many companies spend a lot of money on organic search rankings, and when search engines notice that your company is being talked about, it can improve your rankings.

3) FAQ pages

The purpose of an FAQ page is the same as SEO: to provide the best answers to your audience’s questions. FAQ pages can help boost your local SEO by including relevant keywords and precisely answering more about your brand.

FAQ pages perform organically when well-optimized for relevant keywords and well-designed for the best user experience (UX). More importantly, FAQ pages lead customers to find solutions, resulting in higher conversions for your business.

4) Local landing pages

A local landing page should be well-optimized for regional search, attract the right audience, create curiosity, and convert visitors into leads every time they visit the landing page.

With this in mind, an excellent geo-targeted website not just focuses on the quality of the landing page but also works effectively for lead generation and optimization.

5) Blog posts

Blog posts can do wonders and actively boost the rankings of a local business trying to compete in the local market. However, creating great blogs requires excellent writing skills.

Readers should find the article relevant and well-structured to read. People should be able to understand your article and find enough information so that they would want to share it with others. This increases rankings and boosts local SEO.

Bonus tip: Free tools page

And for a final bonus tip, you can create a quiz or a calculator and embed it on your website. Quizzes on trending topics or helpful calculators like a savings calculator tend to draw a lot of traffic and engagement.

Create a free tools page and keep adding trending quizzes and calculators. As these quizzes and calculators are interesting, it has a high click through rate (CTR) which in turn helps you rank higher on SERP.

What will help your SEO?

As you can see, the right content has the potential to achieve great results and improve SEO for your business. Good quality content is the real game-changer and leads to increased organic traffic on the website and enhanced business credibility. You just need to find the right mix that works for your business and audience.