Five summer workwear wardrobe must-haves

How does your workwear wardrobe shape up once the temperature rises? Read five wardrobe must-haves to keep you comfortable in the office all summer long.

If your office doesn’t have the luxury if air con, working through the summer months can leave you a sticky, sweaty mess by the time 5.30pm rolls around. (And to mention desperately running to your car to blast some cool air in your face.)

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Workwear can still be comfortable, cool and look smart enough that HR won’t pull you into their office for a quick ‘chat’.

Five summer workwear must-haves

To help you stay comfortable this summer, whatever the weather forecast, here are five must-have workwear wardrobe additions.

1) Jumpsuits

You may already have a few jumpsuits and playsuits hanging in your wardrobe, but we recommend picking up some of the culotte variety. A soft, jersey material is great for summer and the cropped legs allow for a nice breeze around your calves.

Jumpsuits with elasticated waistbands are great if you want to show off your shape, while baggier ones (like the Uniqlo jumpsuit in the photo) are great for all day comfort – you’ll feel like you’re basically wearing your onesie to work!

2) Joggers

Bear with us on this one! Not only are joggers incredibly comfortable, but they’re also currently on the high street in styles you can definitely get away with for work.

Choose joggers in a cropped style and a lightweight material and wear with a crisp white shirt and heels. You can also thank us later when you don’t have to sneakily unbutton your smart trousers after eating an enormous baguette at lunch.

3) High neck tops

A strappy top can sometimes be frowned upon in an office environment, but a high neck style is flattering and conservative, and also lets you get your shoulders out – perfect for when you’re hogging the fan at one in the afternoon after a brisk walk to the shop at lunch.

High neck doesn’t have to just apply to tops either, a high neck maxi dress is a good call for summer workwear and looks great with a kimono if the temperature does drop.

4) Bardot tops

Again, these let you unleash your shoulders, without risking disapproving glances from the older ladies in the office every time you get up to go to the loo.

5) Cut out boots

It was raining when you woke up but now it’s roasting outside and you’re still wearing those warm ankle boots that protected from the puddles as you made your way in.

Comfort can now be optimised if you opt for some cut out boots instead. This style came about late last year, and works in Britain all year round. You can wear them with a slip dress and still nail summer style.

Be savvy with your summer workwear, move more casual pieces in to your wardrobe to maximise comfort and sit back and relax while everyone around you complains about their outfit choice for the day!

By Patrick Vernon.