Five strategies to help your business scale up to the next level

Is your business ready to move up a level? Read five strategies that can help you make that leap and scale up.

There comes a point in every business journey when your growth plateaus, and you chug along at the same level. For some entrepreneurs, this is fine. Their business has achieved their goals and they’re satisfied with the way it runs and the returns it brings at this size.

But for others, they’re ready to take their business up a level and scale up.

Five strategies to help your business scale up to the next level

If you’re in the latter camp, here are five strategies that can help you leave that plateau and scale your business up.

1) Focus on customer happiness and talent

In 2015, Brand Learning published Growth Drivers, an in-depth study looking at some of the key growth opportunities for businesses of all shapes and sizes. The two biggest opportunities identified were:

  1. Customer happiness – work on delivering more value. Take the time to research them, understand what they’re about. Talk to them, listen and make changes that enable you to increase their satisfaction.
  2. Development of talent – make it easier for your staff to learn new skills, maximise their talents and be involved with the growth of the business. This will help them be more productive and motivated, creating fresh energy that contributes to your drive-for-growth.

On a strategic level this is something you can work on to drive growth.

2) Develop a membership strategy

One way to drive your business forward is to offer your customers a membership plan that delivers added value to the brand experience. Some of the benefits include:

  • Long-term engagement – members stay loyal and will actively get involved with your brand.
  • Warm leads – you’ll have a database of people who already trust you. So, you can create     campaigns that generate more business.
  • Referrals – members are more likely to recommend your brand.

Creating a truly meaningful membership experience requires excellent planning and implementation. You need to think about printed welcome packs, membership cards, regular communication and other benefits. This can be costly and time consuming, especially if you don’t have the skills and resources at your disposal.

However, you can get around this by using a professional membership management service. Because they specialise in creating and maintaining membership experiences, they’ll be able to implement your strategy to a very high standard thereby making sure it gets results.

They can take care of the design and printing of literature, the creation of membership cards, the mailing out of communications, as well as offering expert insights that can help you improve your strategy and ultimately drive your business forward.

3) Keep up with technology

The world is changing rapidly. New technologies emerge every year and they’re affecting the way we do business – the way we deliver value to customers and the way we operate.

Take a look at the latest developments and work out how can you exploit them. By keeping up with the latest technology, you can get ahead and win valuable market share from your key competitors who themselves might be slow in keeping up with the times.

4) Write a business blog

Business blogging is one of the key tactical areas of generating online growth. It contributes to several strategic objectives:

  1. Brand awareness and reputation – it positions you in the market as a trusted authority, and gives people a chance to engage with and learn about your brand.
  2. Search engine ranking – producing authoritative content on a regular basis means you have more pages being indexed by search engines. Not only that, but other high authority publications might reference your material on their websites, meaning you get high quality backlinks which boost your domain authority.
  3. Getting found by customers – people go online to seek information. Having relevant material that ranks well in search engines means you’re more likely to be discovered by potential customers.
  4. Driving social media marketing – sharing high-quality content on social media will help drive traffic to your website and, in the long run, improve conversion rates.

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5) Use direct mail

And finally, while many companies are reaping the benefits of digitalisation, there is a significant opportunity in traditional marketing tactics. And direct mail is one of them.

A clever and creative direct mail campaign is a great way to get noticed because people value tactile experiences more than digital ones. By reaching places that digital marketing can’t, it can help you generate additional sales and forge new customer relationships.

Photo by Scott Walsh