Five of the best American cities for hosting a dream wedding

When you get married, you want to do it in the best possible location and venue. And sometimes this means travel for your dream wedding.

But where to? There are so many places to choose from, it can be difficult to determine where to have your wedding. Here are five of the best American cities for hosting a dream wedding.

1) Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is perfect for the couple that really loves to have fun. And contrary to popular opinion, a wedding in Las Vegas doesn’t have to be a drunken night at the drive-thru chapel at four in the morning (unless you want it to be).

There are a number of classy venues to choose from. There’s also plenty to keep people entertained after the ceremony. You can go to one of the numerous shows in the area, enjoy some camel rides, or even go gambling if you are so inclined.

2) San Diego, California

San Diego has a great mixture of culture, beauty, good weather, activity, and sophistication. America’s finest city is the perfect place for just about everyone on your guest list from grandma to the young children.

Planning a San Diego wedding is relatively easy. You have the option to get married during multiple seasons, ensuring it will be beautiful and comfortable at any time. With so many gorgeous outdoor wedding venue options in Southern California, you won’t be short of choices.

3) Key West, Florida

Key West is the best spot for the tropical couple who want a beach wedding. It’s one of the southernmost places in the United States. It almost always has nice weather.

The scenery is to die for as well. People will love to come to celebrate with you in this paradise. Ditch the heels for sandals and mellow out. This can also count as your honeymoon if you want to stay after the guests leave since it feels so much like a vacation destination.

4) New York, New York

New York is great for the sophisticated couple. You can find a venue that gives you a fantastic view of the skyline. The options for venues, caterers, and hotels will be endless.

Plus, you can always tour the city before and after the big day. This option might cost a little bit more than some of the others since New York is not known for being inexpensive.

5) Glacier Bay, Alaska

Glacier Bay is the place to go for the outdoorsy couple. The scenery of the mountains and glaciers is unmatched. The stars even look brighter. It’s magical. It is quite a distance for most people, though.

After the wedding ceremony, you and your guests have the opportunity to hike, go white water rafting, and even sunbathe on ice. Just remember that it won’t be the warmest location. Go during the peak season so that the weather is relatively nice.

There are a number of amazing places to get married in the United States, these are just five of the best options. This is based on weather, entertainment, beauty, and variety.

The first step is to determine the type of wedding you want to have. When you make that decision, you can pick the place that will help you have the wedding you always pictured.

Photo by NeONBRAND