Five Minor Arcana cards you want in your abundance reading

When you’re getting any sort of abundance related reading, like a money tarot reading, a career tarot reading or a business tarot reading, there are a few Minor Arcana cards you’d really want to see show up.

So what are these cards? Here are five Minor Arcana cards you want in your abundance reading.

1) Three of Wands

Seeing the Three of Wands show up is a clear sign that some very promising and abundant opportunities are going to come your way. 

These opportunities are likely to be related to something like getting a raise or a promotion, or seeing a business you’ve built start to gain traction and be successful. 

In other words, this is a card likely to show up when you’ve been putting in effort but might not have seen the results you were hoping for because there might have been some element missing from your full manifestation.

2) Four of Wands

Getting the Four of Wands is wonderful news in the same type of context as the one mentioned above, for the Three of Wands. 

In the setting of putting in the effort, the Four of Wands is a wonderful sign that you’re going to see consistent and steady results coming in. 

3) Nine of Cups 

Getting the Nine of Cups is a wonderful sign that your wishes are going to get fulfilled. In terms of abundance, career, and business, whatever you’ve been dreaming about or trying to manifest but couldn’t seem to make happen is very likely to finally happen now.

Be mindful not to get overly excited or complacent when your wish does get fulfilled, though. Overindulging to celebrate your lucky break might ruin your chances at achieving real abundance.

4) Nine of Pentacles

Getting the Nine of Pentacles is a wonderful sign that you’re likely to come into significant abundance that will allow you to enjoy luxury or even opulence. 

In some cases, it can be the result of ongoing efforts put in, but it can also be a sign of a surprise type of abundance, including winning the lottery, for instance. 

5) Ten of Pentacles

If the Ten of Pentacles comes up, then to the element of material abundance coming your way is also added the fact that this is likely to be a level of plentiful that could last through generations. 

It can also be a sign that you might come into a surprise type of abundance through some sort of inheritance or sponsorship from a wealthy relative, for instance, or you could even inherit a family business or make your way up the hierarchical ladder with the help of a relative. 

The cards you draw aren’t everything

While seeing any of these cards is great news – whether it’s in an in-person reading or on a website – not seeing them is not bad news necessarily. Keep in mind that the messages coming through are connected to the cards, sure, but also to the intuition and insight shared with you from spirit at that point in time. And sometimes, that goes beyond the actual cards.