Five excellent reasons why you should eat honey every day (but make sure its the right type of honey!)

Want to stay healthy? Find out why you should eat honey every day – as long as it’s active, healing honey.

Honey is a deliciously sweet and sticky treat, whether drizzled over fresh figs and yoghurt for breakfast, swirled into a warm herbal tea before bed or eaten straight from the jar, it’s a heavenly experience.

It’s little wonder it has such a rich history of exotic and Biblical tales involving honey cakes as gifts to Gods, bathing in its luxuriousness and even as honey being used as an ancient currency.   

But aside from tasting good as a treat, there’s real benefits to including honey in your diet every day. Here are five reasons why a daily teaspoon is so good for us – as long as it’s active, healing honey.

1) Honey lowers cholesterol

We are what we eat, and nothing is more true than in the case of cholesterol. Eating a diet rich in high cholesterol foods such as processed and red meats means that we’re more likely to have high cholesterol problems.

While honey isn’t a cure for high cholesterol, if we carry on eating these cholesterol fuelled foods, as part of a healthy, balanced diet, research is now emerging that regular honey consumption could help to manage our cholesterol levels.  

2) Honey is recommended in the treatment of colds

Honey is an unctuous liquid that coats the throat as we swallow it. It’s so effective at soothing sore throats and easing coughs that the NHS now recommend that we use honey instead of cough syrups and antibiotics.

Active, healing honey is also naturally antimicrobial, which also helps to keep nasty bugs at bay. 

3) Honey supports a healthy immune system

Active healing honey is not just antimicrobial, it’s rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants help the body fight free radicals which can damage the cells of the body, including those of the immune system. However this is not the case with fake sugary honey or impure honey. Always try to get local organic produce honey that you know is not mixed corn syrup, rice syrup or table sugar.

4) Honey promotes good gut health

The collection of trillions of good bacteria, fungi and viruses that naturally reside in our gut, collectively called the microbiome, are an area of intense scientific research at the moment.

The health of our microbiome is now thought to influence everything from our digestion, immune health and even our mental health. These microorganisms are also referred to as probiotics. Probiotic bugs feed off a collection of fibre molecules called prebiotics.

Active healing honey contains prebiotic fibre, and so eating it on a daily basis helps to feed the gut microbiome and help it thrive. 

5) Honey could help to make you more clever

Honey contains an antioxidant called pinocembrin which researchers have linked with a protective effect on the brain, helping to shield nerve cells from damage. This in turn could help to enhance our brain power. It’s early days with regards to the research, but we think it’s another valid reason to eat honey every day.  

Remember, we’re referring to active, healing, high quality honey like the unique Western Australian honeys rather than the cheaper, lower quality honey you might find in a supermarket. 

Necta & Hive honeys are high quality, exclusive honeys with active healing properties and a uniquely luxurious taste. Eaten daily, they support a healthy immune system and good overall health.  

With 50% more immune system-supporting antioxidants than Manuka honey, Necta & Hive honeys contain zero preservatives or sugar syrups – just honey straight from the hive, as pure as nature intended.

Photo by Vero Photoart