Five benefits of choosing cloud hosting for your business website

Every website needs a host, but how do you find the right one? Discover five benefits of choosing cloud hosting for your website. 

You could, if you wish, purchase your own dedicated server and have a bespoke service and this might well feel like the most natural option for businesses which are used to purchasing all the equipment they need. It’s important to realise that you don’t have to do it this way though.

Recent years have seen a massive growth in the use of cloud technology as businesses and individuals have tapped into the benefits it has brought.

Five benefits of choosing cloud hosting

When it comes to hosting, turning to the cloud might well be a great option for you too. Need to be convinced? Here are five strengths to consider.

1) You don’t need to make a big up front investment

If you’re just starting a new business and need to keep your costs low or are launching a personal website to showcase your skills and act as an online portfolio, it’s unlikely that you’re going to have the resources to be able to make an up front investment. Cloud hosting allows you avoid this.

2) You don’t need to worry about expertise or maintenance

Without your own piece of equipment, you’ll avoid the need to carry out your own maintenance. You might also be able to avoid the need for specialist IT knowledge to set up and run a server – which saves a lot of cost and hassle and allows you to focus on the money-making aspect of your business.

Indeed, by picking the right provider you should be able to benefit from customer support if something should go wrong with the hosting of your website.

3) You only need to pay for what you use

With your own dedicated server, there’s a distinct possibility that you might spend money on something that you don’t really need. With cloud hosting, you’re able to pay for what you actually need and avoid wasted investment on unnecessary capacity.

4) You can scale your service up or down according to need

Speaking of which, ‘what you need’ might well change. If your business grows – or has spikes in traffic, for example – then you might well need greater server capacity than you expected at the outset. Likewise, a lean spell might well result in you needing to scale back your operations.

Both scenarios are easily realised through cloud hosting, which allows you quickly react to the circumstances you find yourself in.

5) You can get access on the go

Modern businesses are increasingly taking advantage of the flexibility offered by Wi-Fi, 4G and greater access to superfast broadband by operating wherever they can find a connection.

Whether that’s working on the go or letting colleagues have the option of working from home, cloud hosting offers secure access to your systems from any location and fits the working practices of a forward thinking company.

So, for a cost effective, flexible and effective way to find a home for your website, consider tapping into the power of the cloud.