Eight ways you can improve your customer service with service management software

Businesses are under pressure to deliver more personalised service, faster resolutions, and better overall customer experiences. 

It might sound hard if you don’t know where to start, but with the right software, this can be optimized. Companies like Salesforce provide the tools needed to deliver personalized experiences your customers expect, using their integrated CRM platform. Providing powerful, connected products for improving your marketing, sales, commerce, IT, and more

So what can you do to ensure you meet customer expectations? Here are eight ways you can improve your customer service with the help of service management software.

1) Provide a faster first response 

Nothing frustrates customers more than being ignored. For that reason, organisations are introducing service management technology to provide a faster initial response. 

A great example are online portals, dashboards, AI chatbots and support forums. Today’s customers want and expect self-service options. But they also want these to be sophisticated.

So, if you do decide to remove human interaction as a first point-of-call, make sure that the customer is moved swiftly from a digital experience to an interaction with a human when necessary.

2) Communicate with customers using their preferred communication channels

Customers want to be able to contact you using their preferred communications method – whether that’s by phone, email, chat tools or social media. You don’t have to offer customer support via every single communication platform. But you do need to establish which ones your customers would value. 

For example, a specialist software solution like church management software also helps users engage more with their congregation. Services like this are helpful because it helps churches keep in touch with their flock via a channel they trust. 

3) Provide a consistent approach 

When it comes to boosting customer satisfaction levels, the consistency of experience you provide across all available support channels is critical.

4) Keep customers updated 

Once you have told a customer what to expect, it’s important that you deliver. Make sure you inform customers if there are any delays or any changes. 

5) Resolve any issues before they become a problem

With planned preventive maintenance (PPM) service-led businesses can perform regular maintenance and reduce the chances of equipment failing. Instead of fixing things when they break, you fix them beforehand – leading to enhanced levels of customer satisfaction.

6) Establish customer feedback processes 

Customers welcome the opportunity to tell you how you are doing. However, when customers tell you about their experiences, you must also use this knowledge to address any issues and improve.

7) Identify where you can make customer service improvements 

Analyse any recurring issues, and see how effectively you are managing these problems. Once armed with this knowledge, you can put steps in place to manage the customer experience more efficiently.

8) Maintain standards across the customer journey

Maintaining standards when dealing with customers is vital to long-term success. Where there are any problems make sure that you deal with these quickly and easily, making your customers happy.

Service Geeni has also put together the following visual showing eight ways that help businesses can improve their customer service. 

Photo by Marek Levák