Eight ways to make your moving experience seamless

Moving is one of the most stressful experiences you’ll ever go through. It’s also one of the most expensive, which is why we usually cut corners on price.

We sometimes spend more time doing tasks we could have paid someone else to do. At the same time, better planning could have turned your moving mess into a seamless execution. Either way, there’s room for improvement.

1) Choose the right moving company

Before settling on a moving company, check online review sites to make sure the moving company, such as MoveDay Movers packing and loading, treats its clients well.

The moving industry contains plenty of professional movers, but there are also quite a few scammers. To ensure you get more than your money’s worth, use sites like Agoyu.com to find the best mover pricing from the best moving companies in your area.

2) Only pack what you need and want

Moving allows you to reflect on items you’ve kept in your position for many years. Instead of packing things you know you won’t use, start donating, throwing out, or selling valuable objects that you may get a bit of money for to help fund your move.

Getting rid of things you don’t want will help lighten the move and save you an extra trip or two to and from the moving truck.

3) Pack an ‘open first’ and valuables box for the car

Pack one moving box for items you’ll need on the first night of the move. Include personal items like bedsheets, a toothbrush, toilet paper, and blankets. Everything else that doesn’t need to be protected from air or dust should be added to your opened valuables box. Place phone chargers, medication bottles, and some entertainment in the open box so it’s easy to grab.

4) Label boxes by room and use colored tape

It’s much easier to unload your boxes into the right room the first time than it is shuffling around after the fact. While packing, only include items that fit in that specific room to avoid even more unnecessary shuffling.

Don’t just add “Bedroom” 15 times on your boxes; label precisely what’s inside of them. Use colored packing tape to make each room-specific box more noticeable. 

5) Pack boxes to the brim, but don’t make them heavy

Anyone who has a hobby reading books knows how difficult it can be to move. Their first mistake was packing only books in one place because unless you’re adding everything into a really small box, it will be way too heavy to carry. To ensure you keep the box light and not wasting space, pack books and other items that you placed next to your bookshelf.

6) Transition your services as you move

Fill out the change of address form with the U.S. Postal Service, insurance, and a new driver’s license as soon as you know your move-in date.

Never leave utilities to the last minute because you may have to pay for two places or go without cable and Internet. The best time to call is a week or two before you’re planning to move, so everything is transferred over the day of.

7) Pick your date and supplies strategically

Moving at the end of the month is not only the most expensive day for a moving truck rental, but it’s also the busiest. The worst time to move is on any long weekend or holiday, so try to schedule your move-in date to the middle of the month. On that date, have a supply kit ready filled with box cutters, garbage bags, cleaning spray, paper powers, and rubber bands.

8) Order take-out

Don’t stress over getting unpacked and planning a dinner; just order takeout instead. Unpacking the kitchen requires a lot of organizing, and you’ll probably need to wash your dishes, pots, pans, and cutlery before you can eat with them. Eating out is a great way to reward yourself and your family for their hard work. Plus, you can try out a new local restaurant.