Eight useful TikTok marketing tactics

Got your eye on cracking TikTok? Read on for eight marketing tactics that will help you create and share successful content on the platform.

TikTok, a short video social media platform that debuted in August 2018, has been widely touted as the natural successor to Snapchat and Facebook. The application’s promotion and advertising techniques were basic during the early stages of its operation, specifically when likened to the branding techniques of its rivals, which were well-established in their respective fields.

However, a year later TikTok has overtaken some of the most successful social media platforms, which has helped to improve its advertising strategies.

So it is understandable why it is now ranked as one of the most effective social media networks with respectable marketing prospects for businesses across many categories, with over one million regular active members worldwide. Sometimes people buy TikTok followers. Furthermore, you can also use some of the marketing tactics which are listed below. 

1) Make your own version of videos

One of the reasons for TikTok’s popularity is that many of the social media platform’s users seem genuine. People aren’t fabricating a persona, like many do on Facebook. Nor are they attempting to make you believe they have a luxurious life, a la Instagram. This is partly because their profile is not visually appealing.

So being yourself is perhaps the foremost crucial step on the platform; TikTok users adore that! You might want to submit your version of a well-known song, perform to your favorite tune, or post your funny moments. Or perhaps you prefer to react on camera to topics that mean something to you.

2) Make your content count

If you upload films only for social media popularity, they won’t catch people’s imagination on TikTok. If they are worthless, viewers will stop clicking them. On the other hand, providing useful information will ensure your rapid advancement on the site.

Choose a skill you have; it may be instructive in some manner. But you should also use your imagination, give things a little twist, and make them enjoyable. On TikTok, there have many different topics that have performed well – pop culture, humor, cookery, etc.

The key is to ensure your content is entertaining and/or informative. Never post something just for the sake of it. Ask yourself who you want to watch it, and why they will. And be honest as to whether you feel content hits the mark before sharing it.

3) Interact with your audience 

On TikTok, you must be approachable if you want to engage with your followers. After all, TikTok is a social platform. Make your followers feel like they are really getting to know you and that you care about what they think and feel. Ask for feedback and ideas and respond to it. You can even crowdsource ideas for your next video.

4) If you get a vide right – repeat it!

If you notice that a particular kind of video gets the most hits and loves, repeat the formula. For example, if you review something using humour and your views spike, try another similar style of review. Or try using humor in a different way. Equally, if you notice types of videos that don’t land well, maybe avoid that kind of video in future.

5) Start strong

The key thing with vide content is to how people in right from the start. If you don’t engage viewers in the first few seconds (or even split seconds) they’ll click away. So make sure your video delivers on any teaser that drew people in, and give them something from the start that will make them want to stay.

6) Be regular 

Try to keep your clips brief; the replay factor is crucial and people today don’t enjoy watching one-minute plus videos. They are hungry to view new material and consume a lot of it, so little and often wins the day. There’s no limit on the number of videos you can share, just be careful not to push overly hard and release 50 clips in such one month. And don’t sacrifice quality for quantity.

7) Make videos on trending stuff 

Almost any social networking platform, as is well known, has a popular hashtag, but TikTok users seem to particularly enjoy that feature. Use that if people come across trendy music, phrase, or even twirl. Videos with a popular hashtag, music, or performance are likely to be seen by new viewers, so check out the current trends and produce content on that.

8) Use more graphics effects 

The variety of graphic effects available in TikTok’s collection is one of its most distinctive features. Despite appearing unconnected to marketing, those could be an effective strategy for increasing pageviews of your videos.

How can you make the most of TikTok?

TikTok is increasingly becoming a popular platform, not just for individual content creators, but for companies to promote themselves on. However, there are many unique characteristics you need to know if you want to use the social media platform effectively.

Whatever the subject of your TikTok videos, make sure you practice strategies that will help to increase engagement on TikTok and grow your following on the site.