Eight things to consider when buying a face cleanser

Choosing a new face cleanser? Here are eight things you need to consider.

Aside from significantly affecting your physical appearance, the skin is one of your body’s most important organs, because it shields your other organs from germs and bacteria present in the environment.

Your skin is also responsible for regulating your body temperature to ensure that all of your organs are working perfectly.  

Your skin health impacts your health and wellness, which is why you should exert time and effort in taking care of it. Using the right facial cleanser can help you attain this goal.

Facial cleansers are products that are made to specifically remove dirt and other pollutants from the skin. Long-term use of facial cleaners can keep skin clear and healthy.  

For you to improve your skin and keep it healthy for the longest time possible, consider the following as you’re browsing through the best face cleansers.

1) Your skin type 

Before you go out and start adding facial cleansers to your cart, it’s important to determine your skin type first. This is the most important part when choosing a facial cleanser because buying a product that doesn’t suit your skin type will only result in irritation and even acne breakouts.  

Here are the different skin types:

  • Normal: This type of skin has the perfect balance of oil and moisture. 
  • Oily: People who have oily skin will usually complain of greasiness after washing it.  
  • Dry: Dry skin usually appears flaky and is devoid of moisture and oil.  

2) The consistencies of facial cleansers 

Facial cleansers now come in a wide variety of options. While some are thick and creamy, others come in clear and gel-like consistencies. For you to determine which one to pick, think about your skin type because different consistencies match different skin types.  

If you have dry skin, it’s best if you look for facial cleansers that come in the form of thick creams, while people with oily skin should use gel or foamy facial cleansers. People who have normal skin may freely choose from different consistencies.  

3) Harsh cleansers 

When buying a facial cleanser, it’s important to always check the label. The information printed in the label can give you an idea about the ingredients used for the facial cleanser. This can also help set your expectations and determine if the facial cleanser you’re eyeing to buy fits your skin type.  

When choosing, make sure to avoid using facial cleansers that are soap-based or contain alkaline-like properties. These ingredients can leave your skin dry after long-term use.  

4) Exfoliating ingredients 

As mentioned, your skin is one of the most important organs of your body, which is why taking care of it is always a must. If you want to make the most out of your facial cleanser, look for one that has exfoliating ingredients.  

Facial cleansers that have microbeads or peach pits in them are a great investment as these ingredients are known to effectively exfoliate the skin.

Regularly using facial cleansers with these ingredients can remove dead skin cells, promote blood circulation, and add luster to your skin.  

5) Fragrance-free facial cleansers (if you have sensitive skin)

People with sensitive skin have to exert more time and effort in finding the best products for their skincare routine because buying anything too strong can result in irritation. Some people would even suffer from severe redness once they start using a new skincare product.  

If you have sensitive skin, use fragrance-free facial cleansers. These products can still provide the benefits of a regular facial cleanser minus the irritants.

Facial cleansers often have chemicals in order to create an aroma when used. Stay on the safe side by using organic facial cleansers if you have sensitive skin.  

6) Keeping a skin diary 

With the number of facial cleansers available in the market today, it’ll be easy for someone to see themselves overwhelmed with options. This is especially true if one doesn’t have any experience in using a facial cleanser in the past.  

Finding the best facial cleanser doesn’t happen overnight, so it’s best if you maintain a skin diary to record your progress. This diary should log all of the facial cleansers you’ve used, for how long, as well as their effects on your skin.  

A skin diary is a great way for you to make comparisons among different facial cleansers and avoid experiencing any skin damages.  

7) Recommendations from friends and family 

Choosing the right facial cleanser might be tough, but friends and family can make the process easier for you. If you know anyone from your own social circle who used or is currently using facial cleansers, ask for their recommendations.

Find out what products they are using or used, what ingredients these contain, and if they’re happy with the results.  

Any feedback from your friends and family can help you with your search, but make sure to give more emphasis to recommendations of friends and family who have the same skin type as yours. 

8) Online reviews 

The internet is an excellent source of information when choosing a facial cleanser. Since this platform is accessible to almost every human being in the world, expect that you can have access to millions of reviews about all types of facial cleansers. 

To help you determine how a specific facial cleanser works, take advantage of the Internet and look for online reviews. Start by checking the website of the brand, and, then, acquire more information by checking personal blogs and social media pages that talk about facial cleansers.

The information you glean from these online platforms will help you find the best facial cleanser for your needs! 

Knowledge is power 

Regular use of facial cleanser can become your ticket to achieving better skin, but only if you end up buying the right product.

Using the wrong facial cleanser can cause redness, irritation, and even permanent marks on the face. Instead of improving your skin, the wrong facial cleanser can become the reason for its damage. 

Make sure that none of these happens by using this article as your guide when buying a facial cleanser. It’ll be easy for you to narrow down your options once you know what factors to consider.