Eight simple ways to make cheaper outfits look expensive

It can be hard to make your cheaper articles of clothing looking super luxurious and expensive, but it is never impossible!

All it takes for you to know how to make an affordable article of clothing look expensive is a little bit of work and a lot of know how. 

There’s no doubt that looking great is an important aspect of feeling great and confident. So, how can you make cheaper clothes look expensive? 

Let the experts at TheHandsome.com break down some of the easiest and most impactful ways.

1) Get all of your clothes tailored

One of the easiest ways to make less expensive articles of clothing look super expensive is to get them tailored to your body measurements. A $10 skirt can end up looking like a skirt that is 20 times that price if you have a trusty seamstress make a couple of quick stitches. 

One important thing to keep in mind is that the simpler a piece of clothing is, the easier it will be to tailor. So, when you are looking for new cheap items to purchase, consider whether or not you will be able to get it tailored to fit your body shape that much better. 

2) Replace the buttons 

One piece of cheaper clothing that you will surely recognize are cheaply made and plastic buttons.

Replacing plastic buttons with something that is a bit more upscale, such as metal, bone, wood or pearl will make your articles of clothing look so much better. A really easy place to find these items is online on sites like eBay or Etsy.

3) Shop online 

As long as we’re speaking about what you can get online, we might as well discuss the many benefits of finding great marketplaces online. The reason why online stores can offer great clothes as much more affordable prices is because they do not have to contend with the many costs that brick and mortar stores do.

The one really important thing to keep in mind is that you will want to find an online store that offers flexible and great return policies. The reason why is because if you find that a piece of clothing that you purchase at a great price just doesn’t fit you, you will want to be able to return it no question asks.

Luckily, there are tons of different online stores that offer just that. 

4) Only wear pieces that are good as new

If you have an article of clothing that you love but has a stain on it or some loose threads, you will want to either part ways with it or get it fixed. If you see a loose thread or button, or a ripped seam it is easy to deal with and fix.

If there is no way to overcome it, you really are better off just donating it so that someone can get great use out of it and so you can look your best each and every day.

5) Don’t over wash

One of the easiest ways that you can make your great clothes look much less great in a short amount of time is to over wash them in the washing machine.

Of course you want to keep everything clean, but washing is not always the answer. The reason why is because washing your clothes too often will wear down the fabric and fade the color, which will ultimately make them look older than they are as well as cheaper than they are.

One great way to clean clothes without damaging them is to spot clean with a sponge or toothbrush. If something starts to smell, you could stick it in the freezer overnight and get rid of that stink. You should really only be washing clothes after wearing them a couple of times. 

6) Buy a steamer

Wrinkles can make even the most expensive clothes look cheap, but everybody knows that I ring clothes every day is simply not realistic. On top of that a lot of really common fabrics that are used for clothes are not safe to use with irons.

Luckily, one great solution is getting a good steamer. A steamer will be able to get rid of even the toughest of wrinkles in just a few minutes. This will make you feel as though you are wearing brand new clothes even if you had to dig deep into your closet to find your perfect blouse and a pair of pants for the day’s activities. 

7) Keep it simple 

One of the best ways to make cheap clothing look more expensive is to simply keep it simple. Stay away from jeweled shirts and pleated tops or distressed denim or something with any noticeable detail.

You want your clothes to look sleek and fit great on your body. That is how you will start to look like you are wearing more chic articles of clothing. From there you can start to accessorize with elegant demi-fine jewelry and other accent pieces that will make your outfit more unique and stand out.

One great trick to make your outfits look more expensive is to ask yourself this simple question: “How can I make this outfit look sleeker?” Trying to find a way to cut down on fabric will certainly make your cheaper outfits a lot more expensive.

8) Smooth out your silhouette

Finally, a great way to make a cheaper outfit look expensive is to make sure that bra lines and visible panty lines are kept at a minimum. The reason for this is because noticeable undergarments are going to make your outfits look clumsy and ill-fitting. 

The truth is that most cheaper clothes are pretty ill-fitting and somewhat flimsy, so it can be easy to spot undergarments when wearing them. With that being said, a really well-fitting bra or slip can help make those bumps and distractions underneath your clothes a thing of the past.

It’s easy to make your clothes look great with just a bit of work

As you can see, it is really easy to make cheaper clothes look great with just a little bit of work and knowledge. Now, it’s up to you to make the very best of your cheap outfits!