Dry roads aren’t always safe: 10 summer driving safety tips

People always tell you to slow down in the rain due to the risk of hydroplaning and vehicles taking longer to brake when the road’s wet.

What people don’t often tell you, though, is that driving in the summer also has its own set of risks. Not to mention, a majority of fatal accidents happen on dry roads. Keeping yourself safe should be of utmost priority. Below are 10 tips for driving in the summertime.

1) Keep your windshield clean

Dealing with sun glare is a common issue during the summer months. One way to avoid or reduce it is to keep your windshield as clean as possible at all times.

2) Say yes to sunglasses

Bright sun is not only bad for your eyes in excessive quantities, but it can make it hard to see properly. Sunglasses can significantly block out the light while still allowing you to see well enough to drive.

3) Use your sun visor

Your sun visor is there for a reason: to block out those bright sun rays. If it’ll be of use to you at the time, then use it!

4) Give extra room for RVs or trailers

With more people traveling this time of year, you’re sure to see RVs or trailers on the road more often. Giving them extra space is critical as these vehicles take longer to slow down.

5) Keep an eye on your gas tank

Nothing is worse than running out of gas and becoming stranded in the heat of the summer. So, make sure you always know where your fuel level is at, at all times.

6) Don’t tow more than your vehicle is capable of

Planning on towing this summer, perhaps for a trip? Always stay below the maximum towing capacity. Otherwise, you could risk engine strain, chassis warping, tire damage, wear on your transmission, and more.

7) Change your oil

Forgetting to change your oil in the summertime is a bad idea as it could lead to your car overheating. So, keep record of your next oil change!

8) Check your A/C performance

Lack of proper cooling inside your vehicle is not just a convenience; it’s a necessity. Getting overheated can seriously affect your mental performance and overall driving. Overheating is particularly dangerous for kids, pets, young adults, and those with medical disabilities in the car. So, make sure your A/C is functioning properly.

9) Inspect your tires monthly

Many people drive more in the summer, whether it be for work or for road trips with the family. That said, it’s critical to check the health of your tires monthly and before every long drive to ensure proper tread.

10) Pull over if you have to

One of the safest things you can do in the event that the sun is too bright for you while driving is to pull over safely on the side of the road. You can resume driving when you feel that the sun is no longer hazardous for your vision.

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Drive safely in all weathers

Driving in any extreme weather condition can be hazardous. While in a perfect world, we’d all be safe drivers, nothing is more important than driving safely in crazy weather. However, even in the summer, it’s critical that we remain cautious on the road to prevent an accident as even hot weather can pose hazards while driving.