Discover the delegation strategies of 10 successful business leaders (and find out WHY they work)

“Don’t put off until tomorrow anything that you can get someone else to do for you today.” If you can’t deal with it or dump it, then delegate it!

Jokes aside, delegation is a core management technique that most business leaders should embrace a little more. Because you can’t do everything yourself. And you shouldn’t try to. No matter how great you are!

And yes, we get it: delegating doesn’t come naturally to some. But it’s all about perspective. So it’s to think about delegation differently.

Delegation isn’t giving up control, relinquishing responsibility, or passing the buck onto others. Instead, it’s about empowerment, maximising resources, and putting your time and skills to the best use.

And to help you develop this essential leadership tool, business financing expert OnDeck gathered some of the best delegating advice from several of the world’s most successful female leaders

OnDeck’s researchers also added some handy tips on integrating the art of delegation into your management approach.

There’s advice from Agostina Pechi, the managing director at financial giant Goldman Sachs. She advises introducing an open door policy, creating a work environment where all your team feel comfortable sharing their feedback, suggestions, and concerns. 

Carla Williams Johnson agrees. Always “encourage feedback,” says the Carli Communications boss. “Let your team know they’re doing a good job…and allow them to open up if they need assistance.”

For Anahita Dalmia, co-founder of Alterea, delegation becomes natural when we start to see employees as collaborators, rather than people who work for us.

And for Jennifer Dulski, effective delegation comes down to one simple idea: trust. “When you give your team the space they need, they’ll find creative ways of reaching their goals,” says the Rising Team CEO. “It can open up new approaches and new solutions to your business goals.”

Check out all the tips and delegation advice in the infographic below.

Photo by Md Mahdi