Disappointed by 2018 so far? Here’s how to get out of your career rut!

Has 2018 not started quite the way you’d hoped? Still looking for positive inspiration? Here’s how to escape your career rut.

We’re only four months into 2018, but already people are experiencing very different reactions to the year:

  • Some people are full of positive expectations, and are already taking action on big plans for the next eight months.
  • Others are feeling stuck, helpless, impassive, flat and stuck in a rut.

If the latter group sounds like you, we’ve got something that will help.

Take our Career Audit and discover what’s wrong

One of the barriers to making big plans and taking positive action is that you need to know what you want to do. And that’s the sticking point for many people we speak to.

It’s not that they lack ambition or energy; they just don’t know where to channel it. So they’re stuck, in a rut, doing nothing.

Our Career Audit gets you out of that rut. It’s a 15-page downloadable workbook that takes you through a series of carefully planned psychological questions and exercises.

Collectively they help you to understand:

  • What you’re good at.
  • What’s important to you.
  • What you love doing.
  • What needs to change.

Then take positive action to change

Insight is important – but it’s only half the picture. Our Career Audit is a highly practical tool that takes your new-found understanding and shows you how to set actionable tasks to actually start changing your life.

So you don’t just see an alternative to the career rut you’re in – you can plan a way out of it. And with that you can start making your escape.

If nothing changes, nothing changes

Of course, you don’t need to take our Career Audit. You could do nothing and just wait and hope that the answer comes to you.

But if you don’t change, nothing will. And the only way to guarantee change is to start taking positive action.

So if 2018 hasn’t started quite the way you’d like then change it. Get your copy of our Career Audit and start planning the year – and life – you really want.

Get your copy of our Career Audit now and escape your career rut

Photo by Will Wilson