The pros and cons of digital keyless locks

If you have ever considered other ways you can secure your home, then you may have come across digital keyless locks.

They are becoming extremely popular in recent times due to the various benefits and advantages they have over traditional keyed locks.

In this article, we outline both the pros and cons of keyless locks and why you might want to consider getting one installed. 

What are digital keyless locks?

Digital Keyless Locks are the latest craze in security. They’re locks that don’t require you to use a key; instead, you only need a code or an app on your phone to unlock them.

Sound simple, right? That’s because it is! You just enter your secret code (which can be changed at any time) and then open the door.

The lock can also be programmed so that you need to enter a second code after the first one has been entered if you want more security. However, not all of them have this added layer of security which might leave you feeling uneasy about what could happen.

The pros of digital keyless locks

Here are six pros of digital keyless locks.

1) Convenience

Convenience is actually one of the digital keyless lock’s most prominent features. With an old-fashioned key, you have to get up, go to your door and insert it into a lock. Today, all you need to do is carry around a fob or even just your phone, and you can unlock your door from anywhere.

This means that if you forget something in your home or perhaps need to let somebody else in while they wait outside, it won’t take much time at all.

2) Better access control

Another advantage of using a digital keyless lock is that you can give people access to specific areas without worrying about them being able to wander freely throughout your house.

If you have children who like to play with their toys in the living room, you can set up a rule that only they can access that area. Or maybe you have a friend coming over and want to make sure he/she doesn’t walk off with anything valuable. You can easily restrict his/her access to certain rooms by simply changing the settings on your lock.

3) Saves time from re-keying

If you live in a place with many burglaries, you may find yourself constantly re-keying your doors. But with a digital keyless lock, you no longer have to worry about doing that. It will automatically remember the codes you’ve used before, and you won’t have to change them unless you decide to.

This is especially useful if you move frequently and don’t want to keep re-entering your new address whenever you come back home.

4) No keys lost

One of the biggest problems with traditional keys is that they tend to get lost. And when you lose your keys, you usually end up spending hours trying to figure out how to get inside your house.

Not anymore! With digital keyless locks, you never have to worry about losing your keys again. Just download the app or fob onto your phone, and you’ll be good to go.

5) Refined styling

The design of digital keyless locks is very refined. Most of them look sleek and modern, making them perfect for homes that are meant to impress visitors. Some of them even include LED lights that illuminate as soon as you approach the door. These are great for creating a sense of mystery and adding some style to your home.

6) Advanced security

Some of these locks are equipped with advanced security measures such as fingerprint scanners. This makes them ideal for homes that are located in high-crime neighborhoods. These locks are designed to prevent unauthorized entry and allow only those who know the correct code to gain access. They also reduce the likelihood of your keyed lock being hacked

The cons of digital keyless locks

And here are three cons of digital keyless locks.

1) Hacking issues

There are always risks involved whenever technology is introduced. One of the main concerns with digital keyless locks is hacking. Hackers have been known to break into systems and steal information. They can also use this data to create duplicate copies of the original fobs.

Once someone has obtained your fob, they can use it to open any locked door within range. So, if you’re worried about hackers stealing your personal information, then you should avoid installing these types of locks.

2) They are expensive

Another downside of digital keyless locks compared to traditional ones is that they cost more than traditional locks. However, most offer excellent features that justify the additional price tag. For instance, many of them come with built-in fingerprint scanners, which is something that traditional locks do not provide.

3) Forgetting the code

Most digital keyless locks require users to enter a unique code each time they wish to unlock the door. If you forget the code, you’ll need to call customer service to reset it. This can be annoying and inconvenient.

Could digital keyless locks be right for you?

If you are looking for a keyless way to provide security to your house, then you may wish to consider digital keyless locks. Though they are some downsides, the benefits are significant and may be a good fit for you depending on your personal situation.