Different types of compensation for victims involved in accidents

Have you been involved in an accident? Discover the different types of compensation you may be entitled to as a victim.

In this article we’ll look at victims rights, compensation for property damage, what total vehicle loss means, and compensation for personal injury.

What your rights as a victims?

The effect of Civil Liability with the competent insurer to repair the damages resulting from a 18 wheeler accident implies knowledge of the rights of the injured parties and the amounts payable for each type of damage resulting from the accident.

Very briefly, those injured in 18 wheeler accidents are entitled to compensation for material damage and bodily harm. An expert 18 wheeler accident attorney can help them to get compensation they deserve.

Compensation for property damage

Material damage means immediately the damage caused to the vehicle, which does not cause the accident: the repair of the damage to restore the state in which it was before that occurred. However, the respective owner is still entitled to demand the amount corresponding to such devaluation in the event of any devaluation of its commercial value.

Still, in material damages, the injured parties also have the right to be compensated for the time they were deprived of the vehicle, deprived of its use. Finally, they can also claim from insurers all objects that, due to the accident, were damaged or irretrievably lost. However, among the most common damages are repair of the vehicle or compensation for the total loss of the vehicle.

What is meant by total vehicle loss?

There is a total loss of the vehicle; when the insured property disappears or is destroyed, it suffers damages whose repair is materially impossible or technically not advisable.

There was also a total loss when the estimated value for repairing the damage suffered, added to the salvage value, exceeds 100% of the venal value of the vehicle less than two years old, or the estimated value for repairing the damage suffered, added to the value of the saved, exceeds 120% of the venal value of the vehicle with more than two years.

Compensation for personal injury

In regards to bodily damage, compensation through the help of an injury attorney is certainly possible. Healing these injuries takes on a much more serious discussion since we are talking about injuries or trauma that affect the physical integrity of the victim of an 18 wheeler accident, be it the driver of one of the vehicles, a passenger, or a pedestrian. Such trauma can sometimes accompany them for the rest of their life, limiting their activities, functions as well as personal and family life.

And to that extent, the injured have a “one hundred number” of items for which they must be reimbursed, ranging from the inability they were affected with, the period of functional deficit to work, the need to accompany them with the day-to-day tasks. The pains suffered, the aesthetic damage, the sexual damage, and the need for future medication, for all these reasons you deserve to get better compensation.