Dealing with a pest problem in your home or business

The growing presence of pests in homes and businesses have raised public health concerns as more people have been negatively affected by pest infestations.

According to the United States Census Bureau, about 14 million housing units in the country reported seeing cockroaches in their living spaces during the last 12 months, and almost 15 million reported seeing mice or rats. Moreover, 90% of all businesses in the US reported at least one pest infestation within the past five years.

Since pests can cause diseases and structural damage, it’s important to take concrete steps to eliminate them completely. To stay well and healthy and keep your home or business premise in good condition, here are the most effective ways to deal with a pest problem.   

Consider integrated pest management

Managing pest infestations in a sustainable way should always be the first step when dealing with pest problems. If your home or business has been overrun by vermin, roaches, ants, or other common pests, consider doing an integrated pest management approach. This is a holistic way to eliminate pests, making it safe for people and the environment. 

The first thing that you should do is to identify the pests, since not all pests require the use of pesticides to get rid of them. Next, take preventative methods, such as sealing cracks, to prevent them from coming into your living space or business.

Then, to eliminate these pests, look into using traps or releasing pheromones to stop pests from mating. These methods can solve your pest problems, but stay vigilant and observe your home or business premises in the coming months for signs of re-infestation. It’s advisable to keep the contact details for Terminix pest control, or another pest control company local to you, to hand for professional assistance in the case of persistent or reoccurring infestations.

Store your food properly

Pests are attracted to homes and businesses that give them easy access to food. Cockroaches are particularly fond of starch, grease, sugar, and meat, while rats love processed meats and sweet fruit. This is why storing your food properly should be a priority to keep pests away.

Common pantry items like pasta and flour should be kept in airtight containers, while fruit and veggies should be placed inside the refrigerator. Never leave food or scraps lying around, and always clean up after eating or preparing food. 

Add plants that repel pests

Adding plants to your home or business premise not only freshens the air and beautifies your space, but the right plants can also help to repel pests. Mint, rosemary, peppermint, and chrysanthemum plants can repel mice, rats, and roaches, so consider putting a few pots of these plants inside your house or shop.

You can also create a DIY pest spray or sachet using these plants. Try spraying a peppermint oil and hot water solution on areas where these pests tend to go to keep them away, or put a few mint sachets in cabinets or room corners to repel bugs.  

Keeping pests away from your home or business should be a priority for everyone’s health and safety. Consider these tips to keep pests out of your property for good. If your place has a serious pest infestation, consult an expert to eliminate rats, roaches, and other disease-carrying critters.