COVID travel tips for anyone suffering from cabin fever

Feeling the strain of being stuck at home for the past few months? Here are some COVID travel tips for anyone suffering from cabin fever.

Covid-19 has taken its toll on people throughout the world. Whether you’re dealing with a loss, working a demanding front-line job, or just feeling burnt out from being at home, it’s okay to admit that the fatigue is hitting you hard.

For nine months, you’ve been asked to stay indoors to help protect your fellow man from the risk of disease. Cabin fever is real and it’s hitting you, hard. 

As more information about the virus has come to light, the idea of traveling has become more reasonable. While it’s still not advised to lollygag around without any care for the rules and restrictions, there are ways to start traveling and exploring again in a safe way.

Here are just a few travel tips and suggestions for you if you’re desperate for a bit of relief from cabin fever. 

If you choose to travel, travel safely

If you choose to travel during this time, you have to remember the number one priority is still your safety and the safety of others. At this time, CDC guidance continues to recommend wearing face masks when you are in public and socially distancing whenever possible.

Getting the best masks to keep droplets out will help you stay safe and healthy. You also want cloth masks that feel comfortable, have no odor, and don’t get fibers trapped in your mouth.

If you’re traveling, a bamboo silver ion face mask can be a great option for you. They are breathable and keep you safe from planes to car rides to everything in between. 

Find open, remote destinations

As you’re planning your Covid vacation, you may want to consider some locations that are outdoor and relatively remote. Now might be a great time to take your trip to a national park or hike some mountains.

The Zion national park is happy to welcome travelers in a vast outdoor landscape with waterfalls, campgrounds, and plenty of open air. Staying distant from other travelers is a way to still get out of the house and enjoy new surroundings without feeling crowded and in danger of contracting the virus. 

Travel to a fantasy world 

Sure, traveling around the country or the world may not be possible or realistic right now. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t travel to imaginary places. Now is a great time to pick up a good book, start a new TV series, or binge a trilogy of movies.

Just because you can’t escape in real life doesn’t mean you can’t escape to another time, a fairytale kingdom, or a galaxy far far away. Take this time to enjoy creating those special memories as well. 

Simplify your plans 

The key to staying safe as you travel is to keep things as simple as possible. Try to take a direct flight so you’re only exposed to one aircraft and set of passengers.

If you’re taking a road trip, can you simplify your plan so you only have to stop at one location? Or if you’re visiting family, make a special effort to come in contact with as few people as possible during your travels. Going from door to door will help slow the spread and keep your loved ones safe. 

Rent your own vacation home

The Coronavirus travels from person to person, so the CDC recommends people stay within their own bubble. So maybe a good vacation idea is to move your group of people to a new and exciting location.

Rent out a vacation home that will be fully remote for you all to enjoy. Though you still may not go out and about very much, changing up your surroundings can still combat a bit of that cabin fever.