Changing your career post-COVID

2020 has been a tough year for us all. Since March most of us have been stuck in some form of lockdown and confined to a life dictated by the four walls of our house.

After many months in isolation a lot of us have begun to re-evaluate what’s important in life and consider where we want to be in the future. 

If you have decided in these last few months that you aren’t in the career you want to be in, now is the perfect time to prepare for a change. While at home this winter, consider exploring the possibilities for a new career and have fun doing so. 

In this article we’ll share some ways you can prepare for a career change next year, after the pandemic. 

Find your passion 

First of all you should sit down and think about the things you are passionate about. You may have a passion in many different things, and now is the time to write them down and see if any of them can come together to form a real career.

For example if you love art and design as well as social media – you may consider a career in graphic design. Think about the things you enjoy and try to formulate an idea from these. 

Take a risk 

It is so important that you aren’t afraid to take a risk now and again in your life. Life is too short to be stuck doing something that makes you unhappy – so even if a change is a risk for you – you should take it.

Perhaps the career you want to join is far removed from the one you are in now, and this may be a challenge but if it makes you happy it’s worth a shot. Don’t be afraid to chase your dreams this year because it could change your life. 

Learn essential skills now 

Now that you are at home for the foreseeable future, take the opportunity to take online courses and learn some essential skills for your career change. For example, if you want to be an artist – take an online course about painting and drawing now and brush up on your skills before you take the leap.

The more courses and skills you can learn during lockdown the better, and it will buff up your CV and make a big difference to your chances. 

Update your CV  

Speaking of your CV, it is time to complete an overhaul of your old CV using a service such as Practice Match. If you have been within the same career for many years you may not have truly updated your CV for years.

It is important when looking for a change to make big changes to your CV to stand out to potential employers. 

Do something that makes you happy 

Above all else, make sure to choose a career that makes you genuinely happy. Our happiness is crucial – and if you choose a job that makes you excited to wake up in the morning, your life will be so much better.