Between careers? Four tips on how to land the right one

Are you currently between careers and in need of some inspiration? Here are four tips on how to land the right career.

You may find yourself jobless at some stage in life. It could be due to no fault of your own, or you could be wanting to reinvent yourself in order to pursue a better job route than the one you were on previously. Here are a few suggestions on how to pick a career that you’ll enjoy and that you’ll be able to keep with for the long haul.

1) Return to university

Returning to university is the first possibility that comes to mind. There are plenty of courses to pick from, and you can do them full-time or part-time depending on your other responsibilities.

Consider what your ideal employment would be, then look into the courses you’d need to get there. If you’re not sure exactly what your dream career is, consider taking a course for something you enjoy doing and turning it into a career. Many people enter the catering industry because they enjoy cooking at home.

You might be hesitant to go back to university because you’re a little older than most students, but you shouldn’t worry as the number of mature students in this day and age is rising, meaning you’re likely to encounter someone your age that’s like minded.

2) Register with recruiting firms

If you already have qualifications, you should register with recruiting agencies to support you in finding the ideal career for you. Biotech recruitment is committed to assisting their clients in finding employment in the industry that is best for them, and has a team working around the clock to do so. If you do decide to hire an employment agency, make sure you provide your consultant with all of the details so they can help to find the job you want.

3) Get out there and do it

Sometimes the greatest approach to get a job is to go outdoors and look in stores or other places that are related to the position you seek. Bring a CV (curriculum vitae) with you to hand in to each store, regardless of whether or not they have a job opening. You’d be shocked at how many businesses are hiring these days!

You might also ask around to check if any businesses in your field are searching for apprentices. Although the pay may be lower at first, you will be learning on the job and will usually have a job waiting for you at the end.

4) Become self-employed

If you’re in a place where you can work for yourself, take the plunge and become an entrepreneur! Without having to answer to anybody except yourself, you can choose your own working days, hours, holidays, and salary.

Of course, being self-employed entails additional obligations, such as ensuring that you pay your taxes and bringing in enough money to support yourself.

These are four suggestions for finding a career that you can stick with. Remember to pick out what you want to do right away and don’t stop until you achieve your goals! Best of luck in your new career!

Photo by Dylan Gillis