Bennet Schwartz describes how the creative marketing landscape has changed thanks to female entrepreneurs

Female marketing executives have brought a fresh and exciting perspective to the field. Working with large companies, female marketing directors have introduced new concepts and brought in new ways of doing business.

Bennet Schwartz introduces 11 female marketing executives and creative directors who are important in the field, describing some of their most recent projects.

1) Wendy Clark: CEO of DDB North America

Wendy Clark began her successful career in the marketing department at Coca-Cola. She has recently been named as the CEO of DDB North America, a major legacy advertising agency with clients like Miller Lite, Persil, Time Warner Cable, and McDonald’s. Her work has helped to revitalize the long-lived agency and introduce some new concepts into their marketing campaigns.

2) Cara Scharf: President and Founder of Fearless Media

Cara Scharf has 25 years of advertising experience. She founded Fearless Media, a New York ad agency that works with its clients to develop marketing strategies and execute campaigns.

Before founding her own company, Scharf was the Executive Vice President at Tangible Media. During her time with that agency, she increased the company’s billing from $10 million to $50 million.

3) Katy Hornaday: Executive Creative Director, Barkley

Barkley is an independent ad agency in Kansas City. She has been involved with campaigns like A-B Inbev (Anheuser Busch), Vanity Fair, and Hershey.

4) Margaret Molloy: Global CMO and Head of Business Development, Siegel+Gale

Margaret Molloy’s strengths lie in B2B (business-to-business) marketing. She has 20 years of experience in the field, including leadership positions at ad agencies and brands alike. She has helped to raise her agency’s profile and bring in new business.

5) Solange Claudio, President of Moxie

Claudio has been the key element in increasing the company’s recent growth. Moxie is an Atlanta ad agency owned by the Publicis Groupe. Before becoming the President, Claudio worked as the Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President. She has been vocal about the need for more female leadership in ad agencies and has made leadership changes in her own agency to make it more diverse.

6) Lori Senecal: Co-CEO of Hill Street Beverage Company

Senecal has extensive experience in the marketing field. During her time with Crispin Porter + Bogusky, she modernized the agency and hired the talent it needed to bring it to the forefront of the industry. She managed 10 international offices and fostered the agency’s global business development.

7) Cheryl McCants: CEO of Impact Consulting Enterprises

McCants is the founder and CEO of Impact Consulting Enterprises, a women-owned and minority-owned company. Her company is an industry leader and provides consulting services to Bristol-Myers Squibb, the National Urban League, and the New Jersey Devils, among many other companies and nonprofit organizations.

McCants previously held leadership roles at Girl Scouts of the USA, AT&T, and Nike.

8) Mina Seetharaman: Executive Vice President, Chief Strategy and Creative Officer, The Economist Group

Mina Seetharamanhas a strong background in creative directing and executive positions. She was the Executive Director of OgilvyOne’s Advanced Content Marketing department. She is now on the UN Women GICC board and on the advisory council at the Digital Marketing Institute.

9) Purna Virji: Senior Manager, Global Engagement at Microsoft

Virji is known worldwide as an award-winning digital marketer. She is a former journalist and an expert at Google Ads and Microsoft Ads.

10. Lisiane Ndong: Client Success Manager, UK, France, and Nordics at Searchmetrics

Ndong works for Searchmetrics, a leading global platform for content marketing and SEO. Her previous job at The Insiders gave her experience in managing influencer campaigns for food and consumer electronics companies like Nestle, Panasonic, and Samsung.

11) Charlotte Williams: Founder of SevenSix Agency

Williams is an expert social media and influencer marketing professional. She runs SevenSix Agency, a company based on inclusion and diversity. Prior to launching her own company in 2019, Williams worked for WAH London.

Her work as the Marketing Manager at Sanrio Global and the Global Marketing Manager for Hello Kitty put her in charge of a popular children’s property with decades of history and a broad reach. She is experienced running campaigns for the 18-30 demographic and more. Her podcast, Sustainability Influenced, has gained a large following in the field.

The importance of women in marketing

Women make up more than 50 percent of the population, but they have been underrepresented in the advertising and marketing world. Women bring all of their talents to the playing field and help their agencies find new clients and reach the public with creative campaigns.

Bennet Schwartz encourages marketing agencies to hire more women executives, believing that they have unique contributions to the industry.