Benjy Grinberg discusses nine scholarships for female creatives

The academic sector has seen its cost grow by large amounts over the last few years. The cost of attending a high-quality arts college continues to grow, making scholarships increasingly important.

The gender gap in academia continues to be a problem that was reported by The Chronicle. The study revealed the willingness to cite self-research was far higher amongst male students than it was in females, leaving women with less well-known reputations than their male peers.

By bringing more scholarships to creative women, Benjy Grinberg believes the gender gap can be reduced. Here are nine scholarships for female creatives.

1) The Kentucky Foundation for Women

Based in the state of Kentucky, this scholarship program looks to provide support for women who are pursuing a career in the arts. The program has reached more than 2,000 women in Kentucky and provided financial support for 77 college students.

Along with the provision of scholarships around the state, the Foundation is responsible for delivering retreats for women. The Kentucky Foundation for Women is fulfilling an important role in arts education and assisting in the development of the arts.

2) Benjy Grinberg Scholarship

Benjy Grinberg has spent his life learning about music and wanted to create a scholarship for those who share his passion. The scholarship may not be open solely to women, but Grinberg believes diversity is vital to the future of the arts.

The founder of the scholarship has made his career in the music industry and wants to help students with musical talents. Grinberg provides scholarships of between $500 and $1,000, with awards based on grades and an essay written by each student.

3) The Blanche E. Coleman Trust

In 2021, addressing the gender gap between male and female creatives is vital to developing the sector. The Blanche E. Coleman Trust has targeted female artists in New England who require scholarships that will allow them to study at a higher education level.

The main benefit for artists who are looking for financial scholarships is that any student studying an artistic subject can apply for their support. 

4) Barbara Deming Memorial Fund

The Barbara Deming Memorial Fund is a scholarship honoring the life and work of the activist and writer. Deming established the Money for Women Grant in 1975 to provide funding for students working to build up the role of women in society.

The Money for Women Grant had its name changed to honor its founder, with grants and scholarships of between $500 and $1,500 awarded each year. The Grants for Womenwebsite reports the scholarship is open to female writers and visual artists.

5) Anonymous was a Woman Grant

The number of donors to scholarship funds who wish to remain anonymous is high, with many donors wanting to remain separated from their philanthropic activities. The role of Susan Unterberg as an anonymous donor was the source of discussion in academic circles.

In 2018, Unterberg decided to reveal her identity to help raise the profile of female artists in the #MeToo era. The anonymous donations of Susan Unterberg totaled $200,000 each year awarded to eight female students.

The $25,000 annual scholarships awarded to eight art students is one of the largest available and operates under the Anonymous was a Woman title.

6) The Handweavers Guild of America

There are several options for scholarships open to women in the arts. The Handweavers Guild of America tries to encourage its female members to continue their learning at the higher education level.

The Guild requires its female members to pursue a Textiles degree at undergraduate or graduate level to qualify for financial support. When a female student is awarded a scholarship, they can be awarded several financial contributions throughout their academic career. 

7) Women’s Studio Workshop Grants

The Women’s Studio Workshop grants are awarded for six to eight-week residencies with the globally-renowned female workshop. Creative students can apply to this scholarship program between one and two-years before they wish to take up their role with the group.

The women’s Studio Workshop provides more than funding for an artist during their education. Instead, the scholarship includes money for accommodation and everyday living, along with housing adjacent to the Women’s Studio for the duration of a residency.

The studio space is available to all recipients of the award each day and night to provide support for artists when required.

8) BMI Music Foundation

The Broadcast Music, Inc. brand has been investing in the education of female artists for decades. The financial support on offer through several scholarship programs is combined with access to industry experts.

The New York-based recording industry giant has made leaps forward in its work to encourage the artistic role of women in the sector. Several scholarships and grants are available for women who meet the application criteria.

9) Ladies of the Podium

The number of women taking up the role of bandleader at colleges and organizations around the U.S. is low. The Ladies of the Podium scholarship has been established to encourage more women to enter the field, with four scholarships available of $500 each. By providing financial support at the college level, the number of female bandleaders will grow in the next few years.