As the metaverse continues to expand there’s never been a better time to earn a degree in cyber security

The metaverse is one of the most talked-about concepts in tech, and could even be the kernel of what human civilization will become in the future.

While looking forward to theoretical possibilities of the metaverse’s evolution is fun, it’s more helpful to think about what steps you can take in the here and now to prepare for its likely trajectory. 

Here’s a look at why those with cyber security qualifications will be highly employable thanks to the metaverse.

Security is a concern as the metaverse marches on

There are various examples of the metaverse projects underway right now, and every one of them is a target that cybercriminals want to hit.

The reason is simple; services which appeal to large numbers of users will have vast amounts of valuable data to extract and exploit.

This is true of standard apps, games, and websites, of course, but the metaverse is different because of the new threats and evolving security challenges it represents.

A good example of this is the ‘man in the room’ attack, which involves a hacker listening in on a conversation between two or more other users who believe they are in a private space, when in reality it has been compromised.

This is just one instance in which previously unconsidered angles on cybersecurity must be analyzed and encompassed in the technologies and policies which metaverse projects put in place to protect users.

Experts are already in demand

With an online master’s in cybersecurity, you’re in a prime position to appeal to employers from across the spectrum. Small businesses and multinationals alike need specialists in security to stop their valuable assets, and their customers, from being exposed to threats.

In the case of the metaverse, this need is even greater, and it’s not just about the scope of the potential issues which up and coming projects in this market will face. Rather, in order to attract people to join up in the first place, these projects must prove that they are trustworthy. Being serious about security is one step to achieving this.

Clearly there are challenges that come with encompassing fresh cyber threats, but also opportunities to break new ground and contend with some truly exciting and new spheres of the cybersecurity sector. So whatever ambitions you hold, getting a degree in security is a future-proof prospect.

Education is important

Just as web users need to know how to avoid taking risks with their security, the same applies to those who are early adopters of metaverse tech.

The knock-on effect of this is that even if you don’t take a security-specific role within a company that works on the metaverse, you will still be expected to have an understanding and appreciation of what the security landscape looks like in this context.

This should dispel the idea that if you choose to study for a cybersecurity qualification, you are narrowing your options when you come to pick a career. The opposite is true, since with this under your belt, you will be a more rounded candidate for any job opening.

Employability doesn’t always need to be your main motivator when picking degree courses, but it’s helpful to also think about how the skills you acquire are transferable.

The time is right to study cybersecurity

The time to study cybersecurity is ripe, and there’s space in this segment for people of different backgrounds and skill sets.

The more the metaverse grows, the truer this statement will be, so start your search for a good course and get studying to secure a stable career.