Announcing a new British Association of CV Writers to help jobseekers find good CV writers

Are you looking for help with your CV but don’t know where to start, as so many companies appear in the google search results?

CV writing isn’t regulated in the UK, nor is there a body to provide certification, such as The Professional Association of Résumé Writers (PARW) in the US. This makes it hard for jobseekers to identify good CV writers that will help you secure that all important interview.

If you’re a CV writer, especially if you work alone, there isn’t a strong community in the UK to share ideas, best practice and generally collaborate.

To address both issues, in May 2021 the British Association of CV Writers (BACVW) was founded.

What is the British Association of CV Writers?

The purpose of the BACVW is to build a community for CV writers and enable its members to:

  • Share best practice, ideas, experience, and information.
  • Ask questions. 
  • Gain different perspectives. 
  • Refer work.
  • Encourage each other.
  • Build relationships with fellow CV writers.

All this ultimately means that members provide a better service to their clients.

Prospective members must apply, including a sample of their work. This ensures a high level of professionalism is maintained and potential CV clients can be assured that anyone who’s a member of the BACVW is a good CV writer.

The founding member of the BACVW is Laura Harmsworth of Caversham CV Writing, and the board includes Advisors from reputed UK CV companies.

Laura has a background in Human Resources, in the NHS and telecoms industry. This involved recruitment, as well as supporting the business in all HR activities. She then moved into graduate recruitment for investment banks and law firms, before setting up Caversham CV Writing in 2012. She has written hundreds of CVs for clients at all levels across multiple industries.

Through collaboration, members of the BACVW will enhance their skills and provide a better service to clients. Their commitment to the group demonstrates a desire to continuously learn and meet, if not exceed, the goals and expectations of those receiving support with their CV.

Why choose a CV writer from the British Association of CV Writers?

If you choose to work on your CV with a member of the BACVW, you can rest assured you’ll be in good hands.

CV writers are required to complete an application to become a member of the BACVW. In the future, the BACVW will set up an accreditation and certification scheme, to be recognised as a standard of excellence.

You’ll also know that members have access to knowledge and resources that are shared within the group. Within a week of the Association being founded, a member held an insightful webinar on Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). Those who attended came away after the session, with information that will help them provide even better services to their clients.

A key part of the Association is an understanding that there’s enough work for everyone out there so it’s better to be in collaboration than in competition with others. 

What makes a good CV writer?

When hiring a CV writer, speak with a few to see if you are a fit for each other. Paying someone to help you is an investment into your future career, so you need to find someone who understands you and your goals, is willing to listen as well as asking the right questions to ensure they draw out all the relevant information required to write a stellar CV.

If you’re looking for help writing your CV from scratch, it’s important the writer offers a consultation with you – it’s impossible to write a strong, targeted CV for someone without speaking with them.

Attributes of a good CV writer include:

  • A strong command of the English language.
  • Work is formatted in a clear and consistent way, attention to detail is evident with accuracy in spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
  • CV is tailored to a role/type of role, presenting relevant information, and excluding or editing irrelevant/less relevant information. 
  • Takes ATS into consideration.
  • Meets the client’s objectives and the criteria of the job advert.

Why should you use a CV writer?

There are numerous reasons why people work with a CV writer including overwhelm, worries about bragging or not selling themselves, lack of perspective, and time.

Multiple sources that quote recruiters spend 6 to 20 seconds looking at a CV, showing how important it is that your CV makes a strong impact immediately.

It is hard to write about yourself, to stand back and be objective regarding your own experience and achievements. A fresh pair of eyes can pull out and highlight the key points, relevant to the role you’re applying to. CV writers can help you draw out your achievements – clients often remember important, strong achievements when they speak with a CV writer who asks the right questions. 

A CV writer can then present your information in an engaging way, ensuring it complies with ATS and is easy for the human recruiter to read and see how you will benefit the company they’re recruiting into. A good CV writer will write a targeted, succinct CV that sells you – it is their job, they have a lot of experience and know what works.

Employing help with your CV will save you time – do you have the time to work out how to beat the ATS, to google how to format your CV, or to work out how best to highlight the most relevant career achievements?

Your CV is your marketing tool and your one shot at that job you have your heart set on. Why not let the professionals take the weight off your shoulders whilst you carry on with what you are best at?

The British Association of CV Writers makes it easier to find a great CV writer

The question is not whether you can afford to write your own CV. The question is whether you can afford not to have it done properly. And this is where the BACVW will help as you know that a CV writer who’s a member has been vetted and is great at what they do.

Once the certification/accreditation schemes are set up, you will see the BACVW logo on CV writers’ websites and LinkedIn profiles, giving you confidence in their ability.

How you can find out more

If you are a CV writer, you can apply to join the BACVW here. And if you are a jobseeker looking for a CV writer you can email the BACVW for a list of accredited CV writers.