A guide to running an effective online charity campaign

Running an online campaign for charitable donations is a noble act. Here’s how to ensure it’s as effective as possible.

There are many reasons why you may want to run an online charity a campaign. Whether it’s to save a local business or to help impoverished children, there’s always one universal goal: to raise as much money as possible. 

To achieve this target, a lot of planning is required. You cannot simply rush into setting up a campaign and expect to receive a flood of donations in an instant. With so much happening on the internet, your efforts can quickly become lost in the mix if you’re not careful. 

If you’re wondering how to maximize your visibility and donations, here’s a quick guide to running an effective online fundraising campaign. 

Define your goals

To begin with, you need to outline the purpose of your fundraising campaignWho is going to benefit from these donations? Why do they require this financial support? And what form is your campaign going to take? 

The more detail you put into these goals, the more the campaign is going to benefit in the long run. 

Produce compelling copy

Even if you have a worthy cause, you must produce content that can convince people into making donations. Your message is the foundation for motivating your audience to part with their money, so it needs to be detailed and compelling. 

Along with copy, it’s also highly recommended to prop this up with video content. Video is much more impactful as a way of conveying your message. Plus if you produce a high-quality video, it has more potential to be shared far and wide. 

Offer incentives

Yes, running a campaign for a charitable cause should be enough to generate donations. However, incentives are a great way to convince even more people to back your fundraising efforts. As for what incentives work, contact local businesses and see if they’ll provide items such as gift baskets or gift cards. 

It’s also effective for getting people to donate a certain amount of money. For example, you could say ‘Donate $50 or more for a chance to win our star prize!’ 

Maximize your reach 

You have to use every avenue available to you when promoting your campaign. Posting it on your website is a solid starting point (if applicable), but there’s one method that sits above all others: social media. 

Essentially everyone is on the likes of Twitter and Facebook, so you need to go where your audience resides. Plus people will often be more willing to share charity-based posts. 

With that said, you should attempt to maximize your reach. If you were to enlist a marketing agency – like www.clickintelligence.co – they could put together a professional social media marketing campaign.

This means more eyeballs will be on your campaign, improving the overall donation total as a result.  

Keep everyone updated

Updates are vital for several different reasons. First of all, it provides donators with updates about the campaign. More importantly, however, is that it keeps your cause in people’s minds.

If your campaign is hitting a slow patch, a quick update – one which sets a short-term milestone – can generate renewed interest.