A guide to entertaining yourself when life gets quiet

We spend a lot of time talking about life’s big events here. But what should you do with your time when things inevitably get quieter?

That’s the big question we attempt to answer in this post. We look at how you can entertain yourself when nothing much is happening but still add to your lifestyle. 

Make lists of things you’ve always wanted to do

One option is to make a list of all the things you’ve always wanted to do but never had the time. Quiet times are an opportunity for you to focus on your broader goals when not rushing from one errand to the next. 

The following is an example list of things to do in 2024 you might want to take inspiration from: 

  • Go caving in a national park
  • Learn how to climb
  • Spend time training dogs
  • Volunteer for a charity you love
  • Invest in some land and farm it
  • Pass an advanced driving qualification
  • Pay for someone’s medical treatments
  • Conjure a new investing strategy
  • Paint your nails a new colour

Once you have your life, you can start ticking things off. Aim to get through everything by the end of the year.

Embrace silence

Another way to enjoy (though perhaps not entertain) yourself when things get quiet is to enjoy the silence. Many of us spend our lives in a constant state of external and internal noise, which isn’t good for anyone. 

The Chinese philosopher Laozi once famously stated that a “fierce wind cannot blow all day.” His point was that if nature can’t sustain forced effort, how much less are humans? 

This concept ties into enjoying silence. While it’s okay to have bursts of activity, you want to balance them. Sometimes, you are busy, other times you are enjoying the silence. 

When you learn to enjoy quiet, a sort of peace comes over you. You discover you’re much happier being still than you thought possible. 

Phone a friend and catch up

Phoning a friend is also something you can do during quiet times. Catching up with them and making sure you stay in touch can be an excellent way to keep the relationship chugging along. 

Ask them about their life or offer them support. Find some way to provide them with value and wait for them to do the same in return.

Pamper yourself

Another cool option when things are quiet is to spend some time pampering yourself. Recovering from a long stint in the office or a frantic family holiday with a spa session can help you feel renewed. 

How you pamper yourself is, of course, your prerogative. However, you are likely to get the most effective relaxation session by doing stuff supported by science. For example, you might add lavender to your bath salts or go for a massage. These options induce physiological changes in the body that improve your mood and set you up for recovery after an exhausting week or month. 

Take time out

Related to this idea, you may also take time out and do something different. A break in your routine is often an opportunity to move forward with a new idea. 

For example, taking time out could mean going hiking for a week and spending time in nature. An option like this is a great idea for anyone who just completed an 80-hour office week. 

You could also explore a new idea or concept. For example, you could explore a new business idea or think carefully about a future relationship. 

Lastly for this section, you could just find a way to do nothing. Sometimes, resting in a hammock or meditating is more productive than a 12-hour day at the computer. 

Play a new game

Another option is to enjoy a new game of some kind. For example, you could test yourself with mahjong or get a video game.

Games can be a great way to pass the time because they consume so many of your cognitive resources. When you’re trying to win, you’re not thinking about much else. 

Don’t make the game too hard though– you still want to enjoy your time out. 

Become a bookworm again

You might also want to become a bookworm (especially if you were one when you were younger). Exploring a new genre or picking up on a non-fiction book you never finished can help. 

If you want it to be a hobby, you could join a book club. Getting together with other people who love reading can help you gain new ideas and insights that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. 

Taking books with you on vacation can be especially productive. When nothing is weighing down on you, you can focus on them more. 

Write a song

If you love music, you could also use quiet pauses in your life to write a song. Often, the quietest moments are the most productive for creative people. 

Start by humming the song you’d like to write and recording it on your phone. Then try different versions or adding lyrics to see what works. 

After that, you can start recording with instruments you own or through synthetic sounds on the computer. Putting something together can feel extremely satisfying, especially if you write it yourself. 

Travel virtually

You can also try travelling virtually when life gets quiet if you just can’t shift your travel bug. Today, there are all sorts of services that let you visit famous destinations without getting on a plane and going there in person. 

These experiences are even better if you have a VR headset. This way, you can experience it all in 3D. 

Watch a documentary series

Lastly, consider watching a documentary series and educating yourself on something interesting. It could be anything from the ancient history of the Egyptians to prisons in modern America.

Watching a series is fun for its own sake, but it can also spark new ideas you can take into the rest of the year. Sometimes, you can get inspiration for a new project or take ideas from what you’ve learned.