13 good (and bad) habits to stop today if you want to be more productive

How many times have you seen a deadline hurtling towards you and vowed to get up at the crack of dawn each morning to work until you drop so at to meet it? 

This probably isn’t a sensible technique. An approach that involves being kinder to yourself and more mindful of your limits will equip you to work ‘smarter’ rather than harder, and to turn out better results.

Feats of dramatic self-sacrifice like this are just one type of ‘false economy’ that dedicated workers utilize to try to boost productivity. You can file it alongside “trying to do everything by yourself” and “refusing to take breaks.”

The other types of false economy are many and varied. Some come almost hand-in-hand with the high achiever mentality: perfectionism and multitasking both sound like great ideas in theory, but in practice turn out poorer work – and less of it, too!

The super-productive people at QuidCorner have turned out another excellent infographic, this time to draw your attention to the things you need to stop doing if you want to be more productive. Some of them are nominally ‘good’ things. In other cases, you should know better!

In each example, the science behind the tip has been included so you can be sure that a little rehaul of your work routine will bump up your productivity in no time.

Photo by Sanah Suvarna