11 online courses to consider for a new virtual career

Every career and every industry keeps growing and expanding, and the internet keeps developing newer and more efficient tools to make everything we do easier.

Working online is a handy skill that many people have mastered over time, and you can also learn through investing in online courses.

There are many benefits to working online; not only can you work from home (or anywhere in the world), choosing your working hours, but it’s also an independent way of making money because you get paid directly through your clients or customers who will pay for the services they order from you. 

Check out these 11 online courses for different careers

To help you find an online course related to a career you might want to pursue, here are 11 online courses for different careers.

1) Nursing

In the world of healthcare, nursing constantly evolves and changes to meet new challenges with emerging technologies and needs.

To study master of nursing online will give you the opportunity to pursue a prestigious graduate level nursing program. It is an excellent choice for nurses who are ready to take their careers up a level. This degree is one of the most sought-after graduate degrees in nursing.

With three specialisations available, this degree provides students with hands-on technical skills and practical interpersonal management knowledge that will help them compete in today’s tough job market as employers seek more proficient workers who can handle leadership roles.

2) Interior design 

One profession that has been somewhat neglected when it comes to working online is interior design which is a real shame since designers provide a valuable service to people by designing their homes/offices. 

In fact, if you want to become a better designer, the best way to do it would be to start working online since there is so much design inspiration out there in the form of websites and Instagram accounts that have been posted for free.

If you are already designing homes for somebody or yourself, why not make money by sharing your knowledge with other people who need their houses designed? Then, you can become an online interior designer who teaches others how to decorate their house in an efficient way; it’s all about thinking practically while using your imagination!

Interior designers spend most of their time working on creating exciting new designs that make homes look more beautiful. By working as an online interior designer, you get all the artistic freedom you need without having to work at someone else’s pace like usual.

3) Accounting

Businesses thrive on accuracy and timeliness when it comes to financial matters like paying employees’ salaries, making new investments or settling payments, so they don’t get into debt. Working as an online accountant is a great way to support those businesses who want some assistance with their financial matters, as well as being able to learn more about how they work.

Lately, there have been quite a few companies looking for accountants online because they’re too busy with their own business tasks, and that’s where you come in as an accountant who helps out with the financial side of things to help companies generate more revenue and reduce costs.

4) Project management

Planning and executing projects can always use good communication between workers; this is where virtual project managers come into play by helping out with communication issues among various teams across different countries or continents working on big projects. When you become a project manager, it is your duty to make sure everybody involved in the project gets their tasks done and that everything runs smoothly.

One of the main reasons why project managers earn good money is because they can be hired by different companies all over the world. In addition, once you have a few years of experience, you can go into business for yourself as an online project manager and work from home. This gives you the freedom to choose which companies hire you instead of having someone else do it for you.

5) Social media marketing

Social media has only been around for a couple of years, and already there are billions of people all over the world using sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn every day; which means that if you know how to use these platforms properly, there’s no stopping you from becoming an online social media marketer who can promote other people’s products or services through such activities.

Social media marketing is one area where many people have tried their hand at but often fail because they don’t know what they’re doing; becoming a social media marketer requires knowledge about how different social media channels function so companies can use them properly to make sure their products/services sell quickly.

6) Business administration

Businesses thrive when they have good administrators who take care of the management part of things, covering areas like office supplies costs, workers’ salaries, supplier orders, etc. 

In addition, working online as a business administrator gives you the freedom to work from home while still helping others increase their revenue at the same time. 

So not only do virtual assistants help companies run more smoothly, but they also get to learn more about running their own business in the future. Consider an MBA distance learning program if you’re a busy person who needs to attend to other things.

7) Web design

It’s not enough to know how to create websites; you need to know how to make them look good and function well. The main goal of an online web designer is to take care of all the technicalities that come with having a website while making everything look visually appealing for clients or customers who visit it regularly.

Web designers create exciting new designs that allow companies and individuals to reach more customers; this profession is also important because it helps businesses grow and attract more potential buyers than they could without having a web designer on board.

8) Bookkeeping

Bookkeepers are responsible for making sure that a company’s books of accounts are in order and accurate at all times, especially when it comes to reconciling payments made via bank transfers and cash withdrawals. 

Because the world is going more digital nowadays, there will be a higher demand for bookkeepers with the skills to make sure all transactions go through properly.

To excel in a bookkeeping role, it’s essential to have a firm grasp of accounting principles and proficiency in accounting software. When preparing for a bookkeeper interview, it’s important to anticipate common questions and be ready to provide clear, confident answers.

Some common bookkeeper interview questions include ones about your familiarity with accounting software and your ability to explain financial statements Therefore, being well-prepared with bookkeeper interview questions answers and displaying a positive attitude can help increase your chances of landing the job.

Quite a few people have tried their hand at bookkeeping (or accountancy) but found it too stressful because they never knew if their work was accurate or not, which is why working online has become such a popular thing for virtual assistants. 

You get to do what you know how to do best without having to worry about whether your data is correct or not, and that’s what makes this profession perfect for everyone involved.

9) Teaching

You might think that teaching requires a lot of work and effort on your part because you basically have to do everything yourself once you’re hired, but being a virtual teacher means you only have to be responsible for taking care of the classes you are assigned, and that’s it. 

This gives you more time to focus on your actual job as a teacher while at the same time earning some extra cash from doing what you do best.

Teachings enable you to pass knowledge down from one generation to another, and online teaching gives you the freedom to share your knowledge in a more flexible way with everyone out there who wants to learn.

10) Programming

One profession that has been growing in popularity over the past few years is programming; anyone can learn how to program for free or at least very cheaply by watching videos or reading books about it, but actually becoming good enough to make money from programming takes time and effort. 

Unfortunately, people are often discouraged by this fact because they don’t know what they’re doing, which is why many people have turned their attention online as programmers looking for companies that need help building apps or other programs.

Programming is an interesting profession because there are literally billions of people out there who don’t have any idea how computers work under their hoods. However, they still want them to be able to perform certain functions for them so they can get the most out of using one. 

You can become an online programmer by teaching people about programming so they won’t have to learn the hard way by themselves the next time around.

11) Operating systems course

An online operating systems course will teach you everything there is to know about operating systems. But not just how to use them; instead, the main focus is on how they work internally. The topics covered usually include processes, threads, CPU scheduling, memory management and file systems.

Once you master this knowledge, you can make any device in your house ‘smart’, as all modern devices require a microprocessor which requires an OS to run. And even better: once you understand what a computer does under the hood, it will be much easier for you to understand how machine learning algorithms work as well.

What new career can you find online?

There are countless professions that you could be doing online without having to spend too much money on equipment/software needed, plus there are lots of opportunities out there that only exist in the online world. 

In addition, the next step in your career could be just a few clicks away, so why not start doing something you love right now instead of waiting for your current job to end?

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