10 ways to simplify your entrepreneurial life

Some people are simply drawn to entrepreneurial life. Yet, while there’s much satisfaction to be had in starting your own business, it’s also just a fact that it can be a stressful, often maddening ordeal.

As such, it’s important that business owners do what they can to ensure that their working life is as straightforward and simple as possible. With a little bit of time and effort, business owners can have the framework they need to reach their full potential. In this article, we’ll run through some tried-and-tested tips that will make your quest for success much easier to manage.

Choose the right time 

Coming up with a solid business idea is exciting. If you find yourself in that position, then you’ll probably want to get started as quickly as you can. However, that’s not always the best approach. In some instances, you may find it’s better to delay getting your business underway until you’re in a position where you can dedicate all your time and energy to the endeavour.

For example, if you’re wrestling with money troubles or ill health, then it’ll be best to tackle those issues before getting started. You’ll find it much easier to take care of all the tasks when you’re not juggling multiple important factors. 

Focus on the right priorities 

It’s easy to get carried away when you get a business started. You can come up with a million ideas, and try to incorporate all of them into your operations. However, keep in mind that the more you try to do, the more you’ll have to work – and it’s simply more difficult to do ten things well than to do three things very well. So instead of trying to create the most brilliant business of all time, focus on the tasks that make the most sense. You can always bring in the other ideas you’ve had later down the line if you like.

Find your optimal work zone

Some people work well in an office during typical business hours. But that’s not the case for all people. As a business owner, you have the freedom – or at least more freedom – to choose where and when you work. You might find that you like the hustle and bustle of a co-working space, or perhaps working from home makes more sense for you. You’ll know that you’ve found the right place when you’re able to sit down and complete many hours of interrupted work.

Also, keep in mind that the best solution for you (and your team) might be a hybrid working model, in which you sometimes work from the office and sometimes work from home. 

Start your day well

You can get away with a chaotic start to the day on the odd occasion, but if it’s every morning, then it’s unlikely that you’ll deliver your best work. If you’re waking up late and rushing out the door, then you probably won’t be in the best mindset to work when you sit down to work.

This is equally – if not more – important for people who work from home since it can be difficult to get into the work mindset. As a result, you could have a highly unproductive first few hours of ‘work,’ and that’s unlikely to help your business. 

So, what does a good start to the day look like? It means waking up early, having a good breakfast, engaging in a wellness activity (meditation, yoga), and getting outside. Do that, and you’ll be ready to hit the ground running once you finally sit down to work. 

Choose between public transport and driving

If you work in an office, then finding the right commute can make a big difference to your working life. You hear of people complaining that they have a long drive or that they have a soul-crushing public transport journey each day, and there’s little doubt that these things influence how well they’re able to work. It’s simply easier to take care of business when you’re content with all aspects of your professional life, including the commute.

You’ll probably have a sense of which option is best for you. If you live in a suburban area, then driving to your place of work will be best. Of course, for that, you’ll need to have a car that you enjoy driving. Look at investing in a new vehicle, or you can use black box or pay as you go car finance if your poor credit score makes it difficult to get your hands on a set of wheels.

If you live in a more urban environment, then public transport will probably be easier than dealing with heavy traffic and expensive parking. Ultimately, just keep in mind that your commute should genuinely help your business – it’s a time and space for you to think things through and get yourself into work mode, after all. 

Meet with like-minded people

Unless you have a partner with equal weighting in the business, running a business can be a pretty isolating experience. And that can make things difficult to manage. You’ll come up against a lot of challenges and headaches throughout the course of running your operation.

While your friends and family will be supportive, you’ll find it easier to manage if you can get advice and guidance from people who have been there, done that. Look at building your network of fellow business owners. It really can make your professional life much easier, since you never know what words of wisdom – or just practical advice – they’ll give you. 

If you have no idea where to find these fellow business owners, then look online. Sites like Meetup or Facebook can be excellent places to find networking events for entrepreneurs. 

Use the power of outsourcing

New business owners are often surprised at just how many tasks they have to complete. There’ll be a lot of jobs that you didn’t think you’d need to do, but that doesn’t really matter, since they will need to be completed. However, they don’t necessarily need to be done by you. If you don’t yet have the money (or need) to hire employees, then look at outsourcing. This allows you to hand over important tasks to a dedicated third-party company.

For example, you might outsource your social media, IT, or customer service requirements. This option can be highly affordable and undoubtedly makes your life easier. After all, you’ll have peace of mind in knowing that your essential tasks have been taken care of, giving you the time and space you need to perform value-adding tasks for your business. 

Analyse your difficulties

Running your business can feel like an all-encompassing world, but it’s really just made up of many individual tasks. And not all of them will be equally stress-inducing. Some you’ll enjoy, and some will make you want to tear your hair out. If you can feel your stress levels rising, then spend some time analysing your difficulties.

When you break it down, you’ll probably find that there are some elements that are more stressful than others. Work to simplify those elements (there’s always a solution), and your working life will surely be easier. 

Invest in rest

Many new business owners believe that finding success is dependent on them working thirteen hours a day, six days a week. However, while there will be the occasional long working day, as a matter of course, it’s best to have a healthy work-life balance.

This can be crucial to the business’s long-term potential, since, after all, you won’t be able to pour from an empty cup. More than a third of entrepreneurs experience burnout. By investing in your rest, you can ensure that you always have the mental and physical capacity to work well. 

Let go 

You’re going to encounter difficulties and stress as a business owner. It’s just part of the game you sign up for when you decide to start your own business. It’s important, however, not to put unnecessary stress on yourself. Many entrepreneurs make their lives more difficult by stressing about hypothetical situations. Yes, your business could fail — and that’s OK. Letting go of the fear of failure will not only increase your chances of success (you’ll be more likely to think outside of the box), but it’ll also allow you to enjoy the process. 

Letting go of complete control will also allow you to trust other workers to do jobs for you. Your life will be much easier if you can simply trust your new employees to get on with the job they’ve been hired to do, rather than continually looking over their shoulders and checking their work.

Take care of yourself – and your business

The quest to build a successful business is never easy. You only need to look at the number of businesses that fail to know that. When you know that something will be difficult, the lead you can do is prevent it from making your job even more difficult. Take the tips that we’ve outlined above, and you’ll be doing right by yourself and your business.