10 ways to prepare for your house move

Moving to a new home is often fun… once the actual move is out of the way! To help make your move easier, here are 10 ways you can prepare for it.

Many factors must be taken into account when moving home, but probably the most important thing is good planning. Thanks to advances in technology, many companies have been created that can be hired online to help you with furniture transfers.

Many applications today have been created that can help you organize your move in an easier way and with less stress. However, if you want to undertake the task yourself, you should start by making a list of priorities.

Tips to prepare your move

To help ensure your house move is as smooth as possible, here are 10 tips to preapre for it.

1) Start early

The first thing you should do is start early. At least a couple of weeks in advance, so that later there are no stresses. Moving at the last minute isn’t fun; we get it. Therefore, it would help if you check this same day moving service from Threemenandtruck if you’re in a hurry to move.

2) Get measurements

Once you have chosen what will be your new home, you need to find out the measurements of each room. This will help you work out what you can put in each one, and start choosing the right furniture for your new home.

3) Start clearing out

Clearing out your possessions is very useful in advance of a move. After all, why would you go to the effort of transporting items you no longer need or want? You can even make money by selling them online. If you need a thorough clean out, you should look into house clearance

4) Make a list of where everything will go

When you know what you want to take with you, the next wise step is to make a moving list of where it will go in your new home. You can then place it in the right box and label or colour code the box so it goes to the right room when you love. This can save you a lot of time and effort!

5) Notify utility companies

Before moving you should notify the electricity, water, and telephone companies so that they can move your account to the new residence.

6) Change your address

It is also important to change your address at the post office. This way you will avoid bill payment problems and letter confusion.

7) Put small items in bin bags

One way to save space when carrying things on the day of the move is to put small objects that are not fragile in garbage bags. This will save space in boxes.

8) Keep valuable objects safe

Keep your most valuable objects close at hand (and safe) so they can’t be lost or suffer any damage.

9) Plan your move day in advance

Book your move day well in advance so it doesn’t suddenly creep up on you and leave you half-prepared with your packing! Check out these tips on where to start when packing to move. Know that choosing your mover is one of the most important things to arrange. If you are moving locally, for example, you’re in Miami, it would be best to choose any movers in Miami, that way you can contact them easily.

10) Ask friends and family to help

To make your move to your new home easier, you might want to ask your friends or family for help.

Whether you’re moving long distance or just locally, keeping on top of the long list of things you need to do will help make the experience much smoother. 

Photo by Tan Kaninthanond