10 ways to de-stress your home and create a calming atmosphere

Your home should be your safe space; a place where you feel calm and soothed during times of stress. But what if its not?

There’s nothing more lovely than coming home to a welcoming, happy space that reflects who we are. A relaxed home helps maintain personal peace and positivity and is a precious refuge from the world outside.

If your home doesn’t feel like that right now, here are 10 tips to help convert it into the sanctuary you deserve.

1) Opt for a neutral colour palette

It’s widely known that neutral colours instil a sense of calmness. While you may not wish to have creams and beiges running throughout your entire house, using more of these tones in areas such as the living room or bedroom are sure to help you find peace when you need it.

If you are someone who needs a splash of colour, consider introducing one pastel colour, such as lilac or pale green, on just one wall. This combined with cream coloured furnishings will still allow you to achieve a calm space.

2) Make an effort to stay organised

A chief reason for discontent and a feeling of stress in the home is clutter. Whether it’s crockery, utensils, and food in the kitchen, or your children’s toys on the living room floor, bits and bobs on your surfaces can be enough to cause anxiety.

Avoid unnecessary stress by making time to tidy little and often. It’s when things get left for a long time that they can mount up and create clutter. Introduce boxes, bins, and baskets around the house which can be easily accessed and used by all the family, to help sustain an organised home.

You can read more tips to help you minimise your life – and maximise your happiness – here.

3) Introduce more natural light

Studies have shown that natural light can have substantial benefits to both your physical and mental health. In addition to adding more windows wherever you can, think about how you can really accentuate the presence of windows.

Maybe generous French doors or stunning feature windows could become the focal point of your living room, rather than the television? With more natural light streaming into your home, you will notice improved calmness and a sense of tranquillity.

4) Display special photos and mementos

Surrounding yourself with significant keepsakes – either photos or objects – will help you to feel more happy and content.

When you come home after a stressful day at work, take some time to relax in your living room or bedroom and consider your life’s blessings by looking at mementos. Anything from a souvenir from a special holiday, or a group photo with you and your friends, can be a good visual reminder of good times and help to boost your mood.

5) Keep yourself inspired 

Make sure you always feel inspired at home by surrounding yourself with what you find interesting. Put exciting, thought-provoking art on your walls, and place fascinating books on your coffee table.

This could be an atlas, or maybe a motivating ‘100 things to do’-style book to help keep you interested in the wider aspects of life. In times of stress, taking time to consider the things that inspire you will help you to feel positive.

6) Create a tech-free zone

There’s a significant amount of evidence to suggest that the use of technology today has a lot to do with increased anxiety and stress in society. So you might want to consider introducing a technology-free space into your home.

This can be a designated area, or just a time frame; for example 7pm until bedtime. Instead of watching television, scrolling on social media, and playing on games consoles, choose activities like reading, playing board games with the family, knitting, or baking.

7) Introduce plants and flowers

As well as brightening up living space, plants can help create a sense of calmness because of their positive effects on breathing. Plants are required for clean air because they emit oxygen, however some have added benefits. For example a snake plant, or Sansevieria trifasciata, is a known air purifier because of its ability to absorb carbon monoxide and filter other toxins from the air.

In addition to these health benefits, houseplants and flowers help to create a fresh and clean atmosphere at home, which also helps with de-stressing.

8) Add your favourite fragrances

Some scents can instil a sense of calmness in the home. Traditionally, many people use lavender or eucalyptus, but truth be told you can use your favourite and simply find what works for your own needs in times of stress.

You can opt for candles, reed diffusers, plug-in diffusers, oil burners, or incense sticks – or even strong smelling flowers if you enjoy their scent. Lemon, vanilla, and jasmine are also a few favourites for creating a tranquil environment.

9) Opt for more soft lighting

Adding soft lighting in the form of lamps, candles, and fairy lights can help achieve a calm atmosphere. Overhead, main lights can often be quite bright and even harsh, but softer options such as these should enable you to maintain an understated and gentle ambience.

Consider placing lighting at different heights as well – maybe a floor-standing lamp at one end of the living room and a fireplace and candles at the other.

10) Embrace outdoor space

It’s important not to underestimate the power of the outdoors when it comes to mood. As well as spending time creating a relaxing atmosphere indoors, be sure to pay some attention to any outdoor space you have. Even the smallest garden can provide a wonderful area in which you can relax.

Simply add some of your favourite plants and pretty outdoor furnishings, whether this is a two-seater dining set, or something more elaborate like an outdoor snuggle chair. Candles and twinkling fairy or solar lights can also help create a peaceful setting.

You can also install an outdoor kitchen in your outdoor living space. This is a very good investment because it is perfect for different kinds of occasions and social gatherings. 

Written by Henry Martin, Residential and Commercial Developer with years of experience in real estate.

Photo by Maarten Deckers