10 tips for maintaining healthy relationships during quarantine

With the COVID-19 outbreak, lawyers are predicting a surge in divorce rates. Discover 10 tips for maintaining healthy relationships during quarantine.

Understandably, spending 24/7 with your partner can take a toll on the relationship. And the same is true for any other person you’re quarantining with.

Before lockdown, you had the option to go out to work or socialize. But now your office and social space are all confined within the four walls of your home.

If you’re on the verge of losing your mind and patience, take a read throug these 10 tips to help maintain your personal relationships during the quarantine.

1) Create a schedule

Create a schedule to establish a sense of normalcy. Following a routine will lower your anxiety and stress levels. And when you’re not stressed, you’re less likely to lash out on your partner or roommates unreasonably. This will also help you stay out of each other’s way.

2) Find separate workspaces

Living with someone and working with someone require two different mindsets. Now that you’re forced to live as well as work together, it’s important to choose your workspace inside the house mindfully.

Something as trivial as loud phone calls can get on your nerves.  So, it would be best to find a workspace separate from each other.

3) Make a chore wheel

Is your partner or roommate slacking when it comes to helping around the house? Nothing escalated an argument more than household chores. Instead of relying on your word, create a chore wheel. Nobody wants to wash the dishes, but it has to be done. Divide up all the household chores fairly and stick to it.

4) Talk it out

This is not a good time for displaying passive-aggressive emotions, it will just make the situation worse. If anything is bothering you, try to communicate it in a clear and honest way.

But that said, don’t start complaining about every little thing. It’s a hard time for everyone, so be willing to compromise.

5) Seek advice

If you just can’t figure out a peaceful way to co-exist, there’s no shame in seeking expert advice. You can ask a mutual friend to intervene and offer some relationship advice. And you can also keep up with your Aquarius daily horoscope to see what the stars have in store for you.

6) Carve out time for yourself

It’s crucial to carve out time for yourself. Give each other mental and physical space. Whether you enjoy working out or a warm bath, go do your own things. Taking ‘me-time’ will help you revitalize.

7) Get some fresh air

While you can’t go out to socialize, you can get some fresh air. Just going out to buy groceries or a walk around the block can give you a much-needed break and help clear your mind.

8) Stay connected

Just because you can’t go out, doesn’t mean you can’t see your family and friends. Try to stay in constant touch with your family and friends via phone calls, texts, and video calls.

9) Have fun

With so much time on your hands, this is an opportunity to have fun. Find creative ways to entertain yourself. Whip out board games, solve puzzles, cook together, or join your friends for a virtual game night.

10) Show empathy

Just like you, your spouse, kids, or roommates are struggling with the growing uncertainties. Being positive and showing empathy is the only way to survive these trying times.

Try to be patient!

These unprecedented times are making everyone, including you and your partner, feel stressed and on edge. So try to be kind and patient with each other. Here’s hoping your relationship comes out of this stronger!

Photo by Toa Heftiba