10 style ideas for your home this spring

Planning a makeover for your home this spring? Here are 10 style ideas to inspire you.

What is up to this spring and summer season? Are you planning to go on a staycation somewhere, or stay home and work on your hobby or interest? Whatever you choose to do, your life can be hugely enhanced by some simple redecorating ideas. These style ideas don’t cost much, but they bring massive benefits to your life. 

In this article, we run through some of the top Style ideas for home this year, after what’s been a tough winter for everyone. On the list, we have things like accent walls and furniture items to inspire creativity and rugs from Bazaar Velvet that are perfect for setting up a whole new style for you. Read on to make the most of your spring/summer season. 

1) Acrylic accent styles

Ever walked into an office space or show home and noticed how sleek and modern the furniture is? Think of white acrylic chairs with round edges and curved backs. Think of tiny table and breakfast nooks that give the feeling of more space. 

This style trend is very much in vogue in spring 2021. With the world the way it is, there is a need to utilise the available space a little more, and acrylic accent styles really deliver. These pieces mix light, clean colour with clear materials to give the illusion of space. 

The hood is new, and you don’t have to reinvent your entire home to integrate acrylic accent styles. A few key pieces here and there is all you need to create a light, more open look and feel. A table and chair set is a great place to start. 

2) A round table 

You might not realise the excellent benefits of a round table until you replace the rectangular one. Whatever table you currently use, you will be used to, so it won’t seem like you’re missing out until you experience the alternative. 

A round table not only gives you more space in your home it also helps bring people closer together. With a rectangular table, you have a hierarchy structure, and it can be harder to hear people across. A round table brings a feeling of equality and sharing. 

If this is something you’re interested in this spring, why not find a suitable home for your rectangular table? Perhaps sell it on the Internet or donate it to a local charity. Introduce a new round table this spring and notice the difference. 

3) A luxury designer rug 

Picture your home with a new rug! It could be in your hall, your dining room, or your living room. A soft hand-knotted designer rug sits on top of your hardwood floor; it’s not only stylish but also soft on your bare feet. 

The designer hand-knotted rugs from bazaarvelvet.com are the perfect time choice for your home this spring. They are handcrafted by skilled artisans and available in every style, colour, and pattern imaginable. Visit the website today and choose a spring rug to transform your home. 

This year’s style trends are about doing more with less. They’re about transforming your home in small ways by making intelligent choices. An artisan rug fits this profile very well – just as well as a round table or an accent wall. 

4) Painted brick 

A few years ago, the stripped-back visage was all the rage. It took hold in part because of a style throwback and the desire to create living spaces with a more rustic, cosy, and inviting feel. While this hasn’t gone away, it has toned down somewhat. 

Instead of going all out for the rustic feel nowadays, people are opting for accent styles that give the same impression. Painted brick and painted wood are precisely what we mean. No wallpaper, no plaster, just the bare brick painted white. 

This style works very well on old-style fireplaces and walls in kitchens. Even ceilings can benefit from the stripped back raw look. Usually, one wall or fireplace is enough to give the impression you’re looking for. 

5) Boho accent rug

As it’s the spring and summer season, you want changes that bring colour and liveliness into your home. Painting an accent wall is one way of doing this; another way is with a boho rug. Although luxury rugs can also be colourful, boho rugs have a certain style. 

These rugs would suit someone with an eastern sensibility, perhaps someone who also likes candles, lanterns, and ornate furniture. As with luxury rugs, these ones are an easy way to bring a freshness and newness to your home. 

Boho rugs are colourful by definition, so that’s what you can expect when shopping for one. Choose colours you think suit your home, your personality, or the season, and pick furniture that complements or contrasts with it. 

6) Bright lights 

Accent walls and rugs aren’t the aren’t the only ways to subtly bring colour into your home. Bright light fixtures – like bold yellow light shades in the kitchen – will draw the eye and give you an accent to work with. 

This method works best when your kitchen is pared down in its colour and style so that the bold colours of the accent lights stand out. If your kitchen is mostly white, for instance, the combination of white and yellow really pops. 

The wonderful thing about using subtle accent colours in your kitchen is that it gives you something nice to work with. You can choose flower arrangement and kitchen fitting to match or contrast with the accents, making your home life more creative. 

7) Coral bedroom accents

Don’t forget about the bedroom. When you think about transforming your home for the spring and summer, the upstairs parts of the house are often overlooked; why? Because it makes sense to redecorate the more visible areas first. 

However, redecorating the bedroom, even if it’s just a new throw for the bed or some patterned pillowcases, gives your home the feeling of newness and seasonal relevance. This can really influence your mood in general and help inspire your life. 

This spring and summer season, why not think about some coral accents for the bedroom? Coral reminds you of clear blue water, something you need more of in your life – it also has a magical quality, and it’s colourful. 

8) Rainbow glassware 

Colour, colour, colour! It’s all about colour this spring and summer season, and why not? We’ve had enough darkness in our lives over the past winter and with the whole global situation. This season it’s time to claim back colour and inspiration. 

Rainbow glassware is a top way to do this. Think of that nook in your wall in the kitchen or living room – it might even be a cabinet in your dining room. Now the picture is filled with rainbow coloured stem glasses in a neat spectrum of colour. 

This style idea takes its inspiration from the bottled sand art you find in beachside souvenir shops. Each layer of sand is a different colour that makes a little scene. Your home can have the same dynamic colours to brighten your life. 

9) Floral walls 

We all love a bit of a throwback. Everyone wants to be reminded of past comforts in a fresh way, of grandma’s walls all those years ago. Those were granny walls, but you’re won’t be; instead, they will be hip and modern with a nod to the past. 

This year Floral accent walls are very fashionable. In your granny’s day, they were fashionable too, but for different reasons. You aren’t going to decorate your whole room with this, just one wall to bring a bit of colour and interest to your home. 

The great thing about floral accent wallpaper is that it now comes in peel and stick wallpaper, meaning you can easily make an accent wall in an afternoon without any mess. Enjoy the neat, clean, and stylish work of making your home more summer-ready. 

10) Pastel hues 

If you feel like winter has got the better of this year, consider the colour scheme in your home. We all know that colour can affect our lives because we choose it and wear it all the time, but don’t forget about your home’s colour scheme. 

The colour of your bedrooms and living room is easy to forget about. It takes time and effort to change, so we often just leave them as they are. The trouble is our minds become dulled by the same colour scheme all the time, and it affects us in ways we don’t realise. 

This year brighten up your home with a range of Pastel colours that are soft but interesting. Think of the colours you associate with Easter, egg blue, soft pink, and lemon yellow. These colours are not only perfect but for all the warmer months of the year. 

In summary 

It’s been a dark and depressing winter in many ways, and we all deserve a break and a bit of a treat. Redecorating your home or bringing in new features like a luxury designer rug from Bazaar Velvet is a super way to revitalise your spirits and inspire new ideas and creativity through the summer. These changes will also serve you well in the darker months.