Love more web traffic?

This class will make SEO easy, and show you how to grow your traffic ethically (even if you have no idea how SEO works right now)

SEO is one of those things that seems really difficult. It's too complex to understand, let alone do yourself.

But what if it wasn't? What if someone could explain how SEO works in a few minutes, and in an hour give you enough of an understanding of SEO that you can actually do your own, without help?

That's exactly what our SEO Masterclass does. Over an hour, we de-mystify SEO and give you practical advice you can implement immediately, and start seeing results over time - with a handy worksheet to make it even easier.

This is one of our most popular masterclasses, and you can watch it right now for just £45 and start using it to increase your website rankings on search engines like Google. 


Our SEO Masterclass is for you if:

  • You've spent months perfecting a website you're really proud of... but no one is visiting it! You don't have the first idea how to attract visitors.
  • You'd love to improve your SEO, and have tried learning it, but it might as well be Russian for all you understand. You'd love a simple explanation that you can finally 'get'.
  • You want more web traffic but can't afford to hire an SEO expert. You need a DIY strategy you can start using yourself to see results.
  • You're using SEO but aren't sure you're getting it right. You're worried you might get penalised in an algorithm and want to make sure you're not accidentally using any black hat techniques.
  • You have modest web traffic but you're not ranking for the right terms. You want to know what keywords you should be using and how to make Google happy.
  • You're a freelancer and you know that having a basic understanding of SEO will help your clients, boost your skills and win you more work.

Wow thanks, this is really helpful and I feel I can action it, whereas before I was totally scared to even research SEO!

— Bernadette B

After watching this class you'll finally understand:

  • The three parties who matter in SEO, and what their different agendas are.
  • The ONE thing Google needs to know in order to rank your site in their search results (and why that's useful to you).
  • The three main clues search engines like Google look for in your site when deciding where to rank you.
  • Why your SEO isn't finished when someone visits your website, and four things that will help.
  • The three main types of keyword - and the big mistake many small businesses make with them.
  • Which two types of keywords you should aim to rank for - and the magic three things they'll give you.
  • The two big keyword mistakes to avoid, and an easy trick to help you find the right ones.
  • The seven different places you should use your keywords.
  • Why the right backlinks are important, and the two questions you should ask when getting links
  • The EIGHT factors Google looks at when judging your backlinks.

Most importantly, you'll understand exactly how SEO works and what you need to start doing right now to rank for the right keywords.

What do you get? Four brilliant tools that will make SEO easy - for just £45

An hour-long masterclass in which you understand how SEO works and how to use it. Watch the video as many times as you wish.

A copy of the class slides for you to download to review, copy and make notes from.

Our SEO ebook to read in your own time. It's a brilliant practical tool you can refer to if you need to recall a specific point.

Our SEO worksheet to help you get the most from the class and master the most important takeaways for action.

Thank you, that's great. I've learned so much! Your writing tip was especially helpful.”

— Joanna S

How the SEO strategy we teach you got an article to rank at #1 in Google within days

To give you an example of how quickly you can see results when you get SEO right, the screen shot above shows the search traffic for an article published on our site on 21 May 2020.

Within just three months this article had attracted over 15,400 page views. And as you can see, it ranked very quickly after publishing. This demonstrates just how fast you can see results from Google when you get SEO right.

What you WON'T learn in this class

Too many people try to 'game' SEO and find shortcuts and tricks to get to the top of search engine results pages... only to later get penalised for it.

That's not what you'll learn in this class. We show you how SEO works - the psychology behind it. We explain what Google's motivation for SEO is. And when you understand this, you'll know how to build your ranking organically and ethically.

So whatever algorithm changes may happen in the future, not only should you be safe from penalties, but you'll know what you need to do to keep growing your ranking - and your web traffic. Just like we have done for eight years.

"I now feel that I have a much clearer understanding of the basics of SEO and the terminology around it."

— Stacey Q

Watch right now on our easy-to-use platform

Buy our SEO Masterclass now for just £45 and you get instant access to the class recording and workbook, ebook and slides on our easy-to-use platform.

You can watch now and start implementing our easy strategy today. And with lifetime access you can also refer back to the class and resources whenever you need in future. It's yours to keep!

"I trust TLC and the fact that these methods and techniques have worked so brilliantly for you is proof enough and exciting because it's given me new focus!"

— Caitlin P

Meet your teacher

Hello, I'm Hannah Martin, the founder of Talented Ladies Club. Over the past eight years I've used SEO to attract over four million visitors from Google, and rank on page one of their results for over 298 search terms. 

I don't have a technical background and I'm completely self-taught in SEO. I have spent years reading SEO research and blogs, and applied and tested what I have learned. And if I can do it - so can you.

To save you having to read hundreds of blogs too, I've digested everything you need to know to start using SEO with confidence right now in this easy, one-hour masterclass. I hope you enjoy it!

"Hannah certainly knows her stuff when it comes to SEO."

— Laura G


Why should I buy a class to learn? Can't I just work it out on my own, for free?

Yes of course you can research how SEO works yourself - there are hundreds of thousands of blogs and videos out there to read and watch. But that's the problem. Do you have the time to scour all these blogs and watch videos? And how can you trust the advice you're being given works?

I've done the research so you don't have to, and share what I know works, from eight years of successful SEO on my own site. I give you a really simple explanation of how SEO works, so you properly 'get' it, and then give you really easy actions to take to do your own SEO.

In just one hour you'll have a working knowledge of SEO and feel confident in how to start using it. You just need to ask yourself: what's more valuable? Your time and the knowledge you are doing the right thing? Or the small investment in this class?

How can I watch the class?

As soon as you buy you get instant access to a video of the class. So you can watch now or later. You also get a copy of the class slides, an ebook of the class script and an SEO worksheet to help you put your new knowledge into action.

How long do I have access to the masterclass?

You have lifetime access to the class recording, slides and ebook, so you can return to it at any time in future when you need an SEO refresh.

I am an arctic explorer/library monitor/beautician – will this work for me?

Yes! We teach you the psychology of SEO, and how you can find and use the right keywords to rank - whatever you want to rank for.

How much time will it take to learn?

The masterclass is just over an hour long. It's a practical class so you'll find yourself making plenty of notes in it! (To make it easier for you, we give you a printable SEO worksheet.) Once you've watched the class you'll be ready to start using your new SEO knowledge straight away.

How do I know your SEO advice works?

When I was planning the launch of Talented Ladies Club, over eight years ago, I knew SEO would be important. So I started learning how to use it... and I haven't stopped since!

Today, Google has given us over 4 million visitors, we rank on page one for almost 300 search terms, and in the last three months alone we've had over 9.43 million impressions in organic search.

I've also helped dozens of other small business owners and freelancers improve their SEO through this class and our SEO Kit.

I'm not 'techy'. Can I do this?

Yes! I'm not techy either. It's my mission to make SEO simple and easy to understand and use.

I've listened to experts try to describe it SEO and make it sound REALLY complicated. But it's not. At it's heart SEO is very simple; you just need to understand the psychology of the three key players. And know what Google is really looking for when it crawls your website... which is exactly what you'll learn in this class.

When you have this knowledge, you'll find SEO easy and feel confident about using it on your website. Just like I am on mine.

I've found a cheap course on Udemy. How is this class different?

There's one big difference between our SEO Masterclass and a cheap Udemy course, and that is time. Our class will give you an understanding of SEO and some strategies you can go away and start using today in just an hour.

To contrast, below are what you get when you buy the two top ranked Udemy courses on SEO under £50. So if you don't want to spend 8-10 hours watching videos, and reading up to 45 articles... if you want to shortcut your learning and actually start using SEO today... then our SEO Masterclass is for you.

Thank you, this class has definitely clarified SEO and made it less scary.”

— Karen B

Master SEO in an hour with our brilliantly simple SEO strategy

There's no great mystery to SEO. When you understand the simple psychology behind it, you can start using it on your own website and start seeing results.

By the time you finish this hour-long class you'll finally 'get' SEO and know what you need to do right now to start improving yours - ethically.

So you can start ranking for the right search terms, and attracting the right people to your website.