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Want to write for Talented Ladies Club? We’re always looking for well-written contributions that our readers will love.

Before you submit an article, please read ALL the following thoroughly. Then, when you’re ready, email us your contribution. (We receive hundreds of submissions and requests to write a week so, to increase your chances of receiving a reply from us, and being published, please do follow the instructions here.)

Please note: you will not receive a response from us if you send us one of these emails.

Our writing guidelines

If you submit an article, please make sure it meets these guidelines:

  • It must be over 600 words.
  • It must be unique.
  • It must be well written.
  • It cannot be self-promotional.
  • It cannot contain promotional links.
  • It must fit our tone of voice.
  • It must be relevant for our readers.

If you reference sources (for example, 30% of writers use statistics) you must provide a link for the source. You can add a short promotional bio (maximum 30-ish words) in which you can include an offer or call to action.

All articles are edited for house style if needed. We don’t have a maximum word count (many of our articles are around 1,500 words) but, unless an article is an in-depth guide, over 2,000 words would probably be too long.

You do not need to submit an image for your article, but if you have a specific one you would like included, you must have the rights to publish it. Please send it as a separate jpeg – not embedded in your text. (We reserve the right not to include any images provided.)

Who are our readers?

Our readers are predominantly ABC1 women. They’re ambitious mothers looking for ways to achieve their goals while raising their family – and feeling like ‘them’ again.

Our audience is global (the majority of our readers are from the UK or North America.)

What topics can you write about?

We publish content on the following topics:

  • Any aspect of starting or running a business.
  • Going freelance and making a success of it.
  • Launching and managing a career.
  • Relationships and parenting.
  • Psychology and mental wellbeing.
  • Physical wellbeing.
  • Finances for women.

What happens once you submit your article?

If your article meets our criteria, we’ll add it to our schedule and let you know when it will be live. We receive a very high number of submissions, and aren’t always able to respond to emails if your article isn’t right for our site.

While we generally try to publish articles within two months of receiving them, we are careful to ensure a good mix of story styles and subjects, so the publication date may vary. If you have a specific day or time you’d like it to appear, please let us know and we’ll try to accommodate it.

Five mistakes to avoid if you want to be published

As we’ve mentioned, we receive a high volume of submissions or requests to write – many of them unsuitable for our site. To save us all time, please don’t do the following if you want a reply from us:

  1. Don’t use an email template (in other words, copy and paste pre-written email text) to send in your submission or suggest topics.
  2. Don’t email us just saying you’d like to write for us. Either attach your article or send suggested topics if you’d like to clarify before writing.
  3. Don’t email us asking us to add free links or resources to our articles.
  4. Don’t send us submissions that are unrelated to our topics (for example, millennial travel tips).
  5. Don’t send us an email with poor English or littered with spelling mistakes. If you can’t write an email, how can you produce a great article?

Ready to go? Email us your contribution.