STOP hating selling and learn to sell with confidence

Hands up if you hate selling! If you find sales so difficult and uncomfortable that you avoid selling, or feel you do it awkwardly or badly.

Sound familiar? If so you are far from alone!

Selling is cited as the number one fear of many business owners and freelancers. But it's essential if you want to make money.

Our Sales Masterclasses will transform your relationship with selling, and help you to successfully sell with confidence by:

  • Revealing WHY we find sales so hard - and how to overcome that fear
  • Showing you a different approach that makes sales easy and natural
  • Sharing strategies to make what you sell more irresistible to customers and clients
  • Helping you create a sales calendar to bring in more money consistently going forward

By the end of the class you'll have a completely new perspective on sales. You'll feel excited about the potential in your business and equipped to start selling with confidence straight away.

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Is these sound familiar, you need to watch our Sales Masterclass

  • You're so afraid of hearing the word "no" that you don't try to sell
  • You've always assumed you can't sell - and will never be able to
  • You're afraid of coming across as pushy when selling
  • You don't know how to sell and still be 'you'
  • You don't have consistent sales coming in
  • You don't understand why people aren't buying from you

Get practical help to sell more, naturally

What you WON'T learn on this masterclass are scammy sales tactics that make you uncomfortable.

Instead, we show you how to sell naturally, being yourself. And to help you, we equip you with these tools:

  • Our comprehensive Sales Masterclass, plus ebook to refer to after
  • Our Sales Masterclass workbook to record actions you will take to see results
  • A separate sales funnel video and workbook
  • Our sales calendar so you can start planning consistent sales - and a consistent income!

Is our Sales Masterclass for you?

What do people say about our courses?

My sales have increased by 240%

From the very first discovery call I had with you, I have completely changed the way I see myself and my business.

It has given me the confidence to really value my work, have focus on the types of customers I want to attract and how to reach them.

Since September, when we started this course, my sales have increased by 240%.

Kerry Coleman

I made over £10,600 on my course launch this week

I am so excited to announce I made over £10,600 on my course launch this week. 84 amazing students on board.

After 18 months of failed launches using all the wrong marketing strategies, I finally joined Hannah Martin's programme and it has turned my business around in ways I couldn't even imagine.

Dr Kayleigh Fawcett Williams, WildlifeTek

If you're ever given the opportunity to work with Hannah grab it!

Hannah's knowledge is extensive, she has some fantastic stories to back up what she is telling you, and she is incredibly personable.

Thanks to Hannah, the changes to my business have been incredible - some small, some big, all impactful. If you're ever given the opportunity to work with Hannah grab it!

Laura Harmsworth, Caversham CV

Meet your teacher - Hannah Martin

Hello, I'm Hannah Martin, the founder of Talented Ladies Club and the Get Rich Slow podcast.

I launched Talented Ladies Club in 2013 with no financial backing, and grew it slowly. It started out as an online magazine, and we added online courses a year later.

10 years on, the business is going from strength to strength. We have over 120,000 monthly readers from around the world, and thousands of people taking our courses and watching our classes.

In this masterclass I'll share with you what I've learned about selling from my own business, from guiding other entrepreneurs and freelancers, and from interviewing sales experts.

You'll discover why you find sales so difficult, some simple reframes to make sales FEEL easier, and practical advice and actions to start selling more, authentically.

So you can start confidently and comfortably bringing in more money, and helping more people.

You have hands down been the best practical trainer I have watched

You are a complete natural when it comes to delivery, and it is really clear you are invested in making sure that everyone on the course is successful.

Having attended many online events you have hands down been the best practical trainer I have watched, listened to, and believed in.

Graham Proud, Four Steps Training and Management Consulting 

You really are an expert in your field

You really are an expert in your field and you communicate your pearls of wisdom so well. It has been inspirational and I am so pleased to have been able to join in this course with you.

Kate Davies, Freelance Interpreter/Trainer/Consultant 

One of the best courses I have ever done

This course is one of the best courses I have ever done. Incredible content, an incredible tutor and really easy to follow and do.

I would highly recommend to anybody wanting to get their skills and use them to create an online course to teach others.

Marie Hall, Empowerment House

100% happiness guarantee

We want you to be 100% happy with your purchase from us. If you are not, just let us know within 14 days and we will refund you in full.

Ready to finally fall in love with selling and earn more money?

Price includes VAT

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost?

Our Sales Masterclass is a one-time investment of £49 (including VAT). This gives you lifetime access to the class and all resources.

How do I watch the class?

As soon as you sign up you will have access to the class recording, plus all resources. So you can watch the class whenever it suits you.

What do I get?

You get access to the one-hour video masterclass, lifetime access to the recording afterwards, a PDF workbook with exercises for you to complete, a sales funnel video and worksheet, and our own sales calendar (with video guide). Everything you need to authentically master sales.

Does my location matter?

No, the principles of sales are the same the world over. We have students from many different countries successfully completing our courses.

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