The simple way to build a business you love

Have an idea for a business but don't know where to start?

Struggle with key areas of growing your business, like marketing?

Miss having a team of like-minded people to turn to for help and support?

Wish you could be more efficient and productive with your time?

Find running your own business daunting and lonely?

Join Kickstart and get all the support and resources you need

Talented Ladies Club's Kickstart is a monthly membership club that makes it easy for you to confidently build a business you love on your terms.

It was started by two mums in business, which means we understand the challenges you face, and the balance you want to achieve.

Over the last three years we have built an internationally-successful business ourselves, and have poured all our learnings into a treasure trove of resources and support, including beautifully designed workbooks and live video coaching.

So don't struggle on your own – find out how we help you take easy steps towards the life you want.

Joining Kickstart is one of the best business decisions I've made. My business and confidence have grown, thanks to easy access to a range of workbooks, courses and challenges that are broken down into time-manageable chunks, and fantastic support.

Nerissa Buckell Nerissa Buckell
Crimson Tiger

(Membership is £25 a month and you can cancel at any time)

What EXACTLY do you get when you join?

The aim of Kickstart is to make it easy (and fun) to build a business you love. So we've packed it
with everything we think you need - from workbooks and mini-courses,
to monthly challenges, weekly emails and live coaching.
Take a look at exactly what you get when you join.

Over 100 workbooks

As a member of Kickstart you'll have access to our complete library of beautifully-designed workbooks, checklists and cheat sheets - all organised into nine easy-to-navigate workshops.

12 Mini-courses

To help you tackle key areas of your business, we've curated our pick of workbooks to create 12 mini-courses covering everything from devising a PR strategy, to mastering a success mindset.

Monthly challenges

To help you keep up momentum and make BIG progress on key areas of your business, we created monthly challenges. Each challenge contains everything you need to apply it to your business, including a half hour video class, Challenge Worksheet and workbooks.


We know how lonely it can feel building a business. So we've made sure there's plenty of support available in Kickstart if you want it, including a private Facebook group where you can share your journey with a friendly, driven group of like-minded women.

Coffee break videos

Time is tight when you're trying to build a business and raise a family. So we've distilled really useful business tips and insights into handy 10-minute videos. Think of them as a power coffee break.

Weekly emails

To help you keep on track with your goals, every week we'll send you a Gentle Nudge email encouraging you to measure your progress, and giving you one simple task to do each week to move your business forward.

Member spotlight

Every month we give one member the chance to step into the spotlight for a live business coaching session. It's your chance to showcase what you do, and get invaluable advice from a team of business experts and other members.

Kickstart(er) Kit

To help you get off to a flying start, when you join we'll send you a Kickstart(er) Kit with a welcome video, Kickstart promise, Productivity Powerpack, invitation to join our private Facebook group and progress checklists.

The Kickstart resources couldn't have been more critical in making my business a success. I used the online resources to plan my marketing activities and to get a grounding in what I needed to do to get started. Six months later I have a full schedule of client work and feel confident about growing my business.

Ruth Thomson Ruth Thomson
Freelance Social Media Manager

Join a talented group of women

Launching a new business, especially when you've been an employee all your life, can be very daunting and lonely. But not as a member of Kickstart.

When you join, you share your business journey with a team of talented women. Whether you're having a frustrating day, want to celebrate something, or need advice for a tricky business problem, we're here for you.

Our Private Facebook group is a friendly, supportive forum for members to share experiences and advice, and ask for help when they need it. Our aim is that you never feel alone on your business journey again - you've got us on your side.

I love Kickstart. Whenever I need to tackle a specific task such as writing a press release or plan Facebook advertising, I can simply log-in and find easy-to-read information to help me complete it. And the Facebook group is great if I have any questions along the way.

Why join THIS membership club?

Three years ago, we launched Talented Ladies Club. At the time we had a huge ambition (to be the UK's number one online resource for ambitious mums), but knew nothing about building an online business, or even creating a website.

In the last three years we have learned so much. We've made lots of mistakes, and achieved impressive success. Today we've established ourselves as career and business experts. We've also grown our website into a profitable international business with over 60,000 monthly readers.

We passionately want to share everything we have learned, and have pooled our knowledge into a wealth of resources. We want to help you achieve the same success as us (without as many mistakes!) and that's the aim of Kickstart. Everything in it is designed for you.

Talented Ladies Club has appeared in

(Membership is £25 a month and you can cancel at any time)

After 10 years of working in PR agencies I wanted to start my own business, but initially dismissed the idea as crazy. I signed up to Kickstart, and just two months later I signed my first client!

Ros Morgan Ros Morgan
Morgan Fraser PR

Every single one of our 100+ workbooks
is beautifully designed

We don't believe business should be dull or stuffy. Our workbooks are packed with the high quality knowledge and useful exercises you'd expect from Talented Ladies Club. They're also thoughtfully designed in our unique style.

We make it easy for you to achieve a LOT
in a little time

As a busy mum you don't have unlimited time to devote to building your business. So the resources in Kickstart are designed to help you achieve a LOT in a little time.

Get invaluable business tips in our 10-minute
Power Coffee Break videos

Make BIG progress on specific areas of your business
every month with our challenges

Get invaluable business support every month in our
1-2-1 live member coaching session

Every month we invite one member to join us in a live online coaching session. If you're struggling with an area of your business you can get expert advice to help you solve it - and you can share your business experience and tips with other members.

Kickstart is the must-join club if you want to get off to a flying start. It’s crammed with advice from experienced professionals who are there to help you get going.

Are you ready to build a business you love?

There's never been a better time to start or grow a business you love than now. Join Kickstart and you'll find it easier, more enjoyable and much less lonely.

Membership is just £25 a month (our membership has been described as 'excellent value') and gives you access to all the resources immediately - from the 100+ workbooks and mini-courses, to the coffee break videos and monthly live coaching sessions.

You're not tied into any membership contract - you're free to leave at any time if you wish. So what are you waiting for? Join us inside Kickstart and build a business you love.

As Richard Branson so wisely says: "Screw it, let's do it!"

(Membership is £25 a month and you can cancel at any time)

Got a question about joining Kickstart?

I already read your site for free. Why join Kickstart? +

You’ll find plenty of advice and inspiration on our site, but Kickstart gives you soooo much more.

Our beautifully designed workbooks, courses, videos and challenges make starting a business you love enjoyably simple. And you join a fabulous group of supportive ladies on the same journey as you in our private Facebook group.

In short if you’re serious about starting a business and aren’t confident and knowledgeable about very single aspect of it, you’ll benefit from joining Kickstart.

Research also shows that by investing in your own success – actually putting your money on the line – you’re more likely to actually achieve the goals you set yourself. After all, you want to get value for money, don’t you? So if you’re paying for membership you’re much more likely to make sure you do something positive every day.

What makes your business resources different from free ones I can find online? +

If you search online, you’ll find plenty of business information, tools and templates. But too much information without structure and support can often confuse people. This is known as ‘analysis paralysis’ – where you overwhelm your brain with research and ideas to such an extent that you do nothing.

Kickstart cuts right through this. We have a vast library of over 100 workbooks – and to help you work your way through them in a targeted, productive way we guide you through mini-courses and challenges.

And not only that. All our workbooks are based on our own experiences of starting a business and are beautifully designed and written. They’re a pleasure to work through and make even the most complex of topics, like SEO, deliciously simple.

And finally, we’re also on hand daily in our private Facebook group to answer questions and support you.

I’m not a mum (or even a woman!). Am I allowed to join? +

While we created Kickstart around the frustrations and needs of time-poor mums, the tools, training and support we offer is useful for anyone.

Our members include mums, women who don’t have children and men. So if you’re ready to build a business you love, you’re welcome to join us.

I don’t have a clue what I want to do! Will Kickstart help me? +

We know just how you feel – wanting to do something but no idea what! That’s why, when you join, you’ll receive a free Kickstart(er) Kit with everything you need to get you started, and get the most from your membership.

Your Kickstart(er) Kit helps you kick off your business, freelance or blog with step-by-step process worksheets that guide you through everything you need to do to begin. And this includes coming up with an idea in the first place.

We also have tools in our Start a business and Personal workshops designed to help you identify the skills, experience and passions you have to draw on, as well as a unique formula for coming up with a business idea – based on the learning we’ve acquired from interviewing over 150 successful businesswomen.

So even if you have no clue what you can do right now, join Kickstart and we’ll help you turn your desire to start something into tangible, productive action.

I’ve already started my business/blog/freelance business. Is there any point in joining? +

Yes. Even if you have already made progress, you’ll super-charge that progress through our challenges, workshops, video training, monthly challenges and live support.

We’ll also show you how to build on your progress so far, and take your business to a much higher level, upgrading your strategies and using our expert workbooks and cheat sheets to learn valuable new skills.

Too many times we’ve seen really promising businesses, blogs or freelance careers flounder, because they weren’t sure what decisions to make next, lacked vital skills and knowledge (such as branding or marketing) or just didn’t have the right support.

And we really, really don’t want that to happen to you. So unless you are 100% confident you have your process mapped out, and all the tools, skills and support you need, you’ll benefit from joining.

I’m not ready to get started yet. Should I join? +

It depends why you’re not ready. If you are waiting for the ‘perfect’ idea or moment to arrive (neither of which exist, by the way!) then yes, joining can help you. We’ll help you to get started now, and make the right idea or moment.

But if you genuinely cannot make any start on your goals right now, then wait until you are ready to join. The point of Kickstart is to help you make consistent and positive progress (wherever in the process you are).

If you’re not ready to make progress yet, membership won’t have any value for you. And you risk getting caught up in analysis-paralysis – simply reading about challenges and tools you’re not ready to use yet, and scaring yourself into overwhelm… the very thing that Kickstart is designed to prevent!

I want to join but I can’t afford it. Do you do discounts? +

No we don’t offer discounts. The quality and quantity of the tools, training and support you get access to is already worth much than the monthly membership fee, which works out about the same price as a coffee and takeaway sandwich a week.

If you can’t afford membership, or aren’t ready to invest in training and tools to get your business off the ground, we suggest you wait until you can afford it or are ready to get started. Ambitious goals take a great deal of commitment (and often sacrifice) to reach, and unless you are 100% committed to them they rarely work.

In the meantime, we recommend signing up to our weekly updates – that way you’ll never miss another of our free articles on Talented Ladies Club.

I don’t live in the UK. Can I still join? +

Yes! Our current members come from several different countries, and the tools, training and support we offer is relevant for everyone.

My situation/idea is unique. Can you still help me? +

It depends on what ‘unique’ means! Basically, as long as you’re ambitious, can prioritise at least two hours a week to working on your goals, and can read and understand English, Kickstart can help you.

Essentially Kickstart gives you challenges to supercharge your progress in specific areas you’re struggling with, the tools, templates, workbooks and video training you need to tackle key business essentials, and live support, motivation and accountability to keep you on track and ensure you never feel alone.

It doesn’t matter what your personal circumstances are, or what type of business you want to start, the systems, tools and support we offer should help. And if not, just let us know. You can cancel your membership at any time.

How long do I need to be a member? +

You can stay for as long as you like or need. You can join for one month or stay forever!

(Membership is £25 a month and you can cancel at any time)