Dive into a wealth of tools and support to help you
start and grow a business you love.

Do you want to start and grow a profitable business you love on your own terms - and enjoy it?

Have you started a business but feel alone, lost or stuck? Do you crave structure, support and a community you feel part of?

Do you have ideas and ambitions but lack the confidence to turn them into a viable business?

Or struggle with areas of your business like marketing, PR, social media, writing, and identifying and reaching your dream customer?

Are you ready to take that first exciting step into a new future in which anything is possible?

Here's where you find all the help you need

  • Over 100 workbooks and templates
  • 12 brilliant mini-courses
  • 10-minute coffee break videos
  • Free Productivity Power Pack
  • Private Facebook group
  • Live support and accountability
  • Weekly Gentle Nudge emails
  • Three monthly reviews

After 10 years of working in PR agencies I wanted to start my own business, but initially dismissed the idea as crazy. I signed up to Kickstart, and just two months later I signed my first client!

Ros Morgan Ros Morgan
Morgan Fraser PR

What you get in Kickstart:

12 brilliant mini-courses

Our mini-courses are designed to help you make massive progress in key areas of your business - fast!

Using selected content from our workbooks, here's what you'll learn how to do:

  • Start your ideal business – from idea to planning
  • Identify your dream customers and write a marketing plan
  • Write amazing marketing copy (and get SEO savvy)
  • Get a success mindset and overcome your barriers
  • Pick goals that work, and work smarter in less time
  • Get money smart and learn how to make a profit
  • Write your PR strategy and get your business in the press
  • Plan a brilliant website that achieves your business goals
  • Turn customers into fans (and get repeat business)
  • Create and manage a brilliant social media strategy
  • Plan and launch a profitable blog you love
  • Create and grow a powerful business, blog or personal brand

Kickstart is the must-join club if you want to get off to a flying start. It’s crammed with advice from experienced professionals who are there to help you get going.

Get £3,140 of business expertise in our workshops!

In our nine workshops you'll find over 100 easy-to-follow workbooks, templates and guides worth a combined £3,140. 

Each workbook is packed with knowledge and expert advice, and presented in our trademark intelligent-but-friendly style. Beautifully designed and clearly written, every one is a how-to manual you can pick up and act on immediately, and start seeing results.

Easy to digest, the tone and storytelling and visual impact are really engaging and its really helpful for women to make connections and build their confidence.

Andrea Anderson Andrea Anderson
AKA Success

What’s in the Marketing workshop?

Our Marketing workshop is full of expertise gleaned from years in the business. Our workbooks are easy to understand and implement, so you can quickly become the marketing pro your business needs. Here’s just a taste of the skills you can acquire:

  • Spot your dream customer and create a marketing plan
  • Identify your brand values and find your tone of voice
  • Work out your USP and write copy that sells
  • Convert customers from maybe to YES!
  • Create powerful landing pages that convert
  • Build a blog mailing list you can market to

Value of content: £340


What’s in the PR workshop?

PR is a fantastic opportunity to spread the word about your business without paying for advertising – if you know what you’re doing! Our PR workshop equips you with all the insider tips and DIY strategies you need to make your business famous, including:

  • Devising and implementing a rock star PR strategy
  • Writing press releases that the media can't ignore
  • Tips and tricks to get the media interested in you
  • Putting together a professional media kit
  • Quick and clever PR ideas you can use today

Value of content: £280


What’s in the Social media workshop?

Maybe you’ve already using social media but it’s not delivering the results you want. Or perhaps you know you should be on there but don't know where to start. In this workshop you’ll get all the help you need to crack social media, including:

  • Get started with a professional social media strategy
  • Work out what to share to attract the right attention
  • Audit your activity to spot what’s working (and what isn’t)
  • Get impressive results from Twitter in just half an hour a day
  • Plan a workable social media timetable
  • Find out if you can make a living from social media

Value of content: £180

I love the tools in Kickstart. I knew nothing about writing SEO copy, but after reading the Kickstart cheat sheet I was able to confidently produce SEO content for my clients, and add another skill to my offering. Already it's won me new work!

Lucy Mason Lucy Mason

What’s in the Start a business workshop?

If starting a business is so easy, everyone would be launching Richard Branson-esqe empires and buying up Carribbean islands. As it is, the road to becoming a successful entrepreneur is littered with potholes that can sideline even the most ambitious wannabe.

To help you navigate a successful route, we’ve created over 12 expert workbooks covering everything from:

  • Coming up with (and testing) a brilliant idea
  • Turning your idea into a profitable business
  • Finding your first customer - and keeping them!
  • Convincing customers to buy more from you
  • Researching your market and your competition
  • Working out what to charge - and getting it

Value of content: £460


What’s in the Blogging workshop?

Sick of hearing about successful bloggers being offered lucrative book deals and snapping up sprawling mansions? Secretly harbor a desire to join them but don’t have a clue how?

In our Blogging workshop we hold your hand through the whole process. We share the tricks we've learned through building our own highly successful site from scratch with zero experience. Here’s just a taster of what we show you how to do:

  • Come up with an idea that will make you money
  • Identify your perfect readers – and get their email addresses
  • Name, design and build your blog
  • Get past The Fear and write your very first blog post
  • Write popular blog posts, week after week
  • Attract new readers through guest blogging

Value of content: £300


What’s in the Design workshop?

While a graphic design degree can certainly be a BIG advantage when creating visual elements for your business, the lack of any real design experience doesn’t have to stop you creating a stylish look.

Especially when you can learn from  20 years of design expertise, packed into easy-to-follow workbooks covering everything from:

  • How to grasp and use the basics of design
  • Designing a professional logo
  • Planning and designing a website or blog
  • Where to find (and create) free stylish online images
  • How to find and create shareable images
  • How to create landing pages that convert

Value of content: £480

Imagine your friend is an expert in everything you are unsure about – that's what Kickstart is like. I’ve not only had a eureka moment over what I want to do with my career, but I've had confidence in myself reawakened.

Marie Evans Marie Evans

What’s in the Writing workshop?

With 20 years of experience as an award-winning copywriter and successful blogger under our belts, there’s not much we don’t know about how to be a brilliant writer.

In our Writing workshop you'll discover all the tricks of the trade and shortcuts that will enable you to write professional-sounding copy that sells, and blogs that attract readers. Here’s some of what you will learn:

  • The secrets of writing a successful blog
  • How to find your unique tone of voice
  • A complete guide to professional copywriting
  • How to write marketing copy that sells
  • How to write SEO copy that Google loves
  • Quick online writing tips you can use now

Value of content: £440


What’s in the Time management workshop?

Ever wonder how some people just seem to get so much more done in their day? Over the past three years we’ve overcome inertia, procrastination and poor planning to become super-productive.

We share all our productivity secrets and systems in our Time management workshop so you can get more done in less time. You'll learn how to:

  • Spot your time-wasting habits
  • Create a daily Power List and get. Stuff. Done.
  • Set goals that you'll stick to
  • Structure your working week
  • Plan an amazingly productive month
  • Do a day's work in just 90 minutes

Value of content: £80


What’s in the Personal workshop?

What to know the biggest barrier to starting your business? It’s not a lack of experience, marketing experience, budget or even idea. It’s you!

Most of us are afraid to make the leap, or if we do are sabotaged by our own demons and self-doubt. We question our talents and are blind to our own potential. Our Personal workshop will help you to:

  • Identify your personal values and goals
  • Rediscover your passions and spot your skills
  • Overcoming personal barriers to success
  • Confront and move past a fear of failure
  • Create a vision for success you can work to
  • Gain the confidence you need to be amazing

Value of content: £580

Take a Power Coffee Break!

Imagine if you could sit down with a coffee, and in the time it took you to drink it, watch easy-to-implement business tips and words of advice?

How perfect and do-able does that sound? We thought it was the kind of thing our friends would find helpful, so created the Power Coffee Break. Think of it as your caffeine boost on steroids!

In our Power Coffee Break videos we take you behind the scenes on our own website and show you the tips and tricks that save us time and help make our business famous.

Daily live support

Starting and growing a business from home can be lonely, especially if you’re working by yourself. But not with us on your team!

Kickstart gives you access to an amazing group of like-minded women (and men!) via our friendly private Facebook group. It’s where you can share ideas, ask for help, set goals for accountability and just chat.

We’re on there too, sharing our own opinions and suggestions and ready to help whenever you need.

We have regular live Q&As where you can ask any business question you like – and we’ll answer it there and then, or find an expert who can.

Supercharge your work with our Productivity Power Pack

When you join Kickstart we’ll send you your free Productivity Power Pack. In it you'll find all the secret tools and techniques we use to supercharge our progress and make the most of every available minute we have to work.

Gentle Nudge weekly emails

When putting together Kickstart we researched the psychology behind motivation and progress, and discovered that the difference between people who achieve their goals and those who give up along the way is blindingly simple.

It’s small, consistent steps.

It turns out you don’t need one-off grand gestures and promises to make spectacular progress, but regular gentle nudges in the right direction. So every week, we send you a Gentle Nudge email.

Our Gentle Nudge emails do three important things:

  • They help you to keep a record of your progress to help you notice what’s working and what’s not.
  • They give you one small, completely do-able action to take every week to bring you consistently closer to your goal.
  • They inspire you with some of our favourite words of wisdom to remind you why you’re doing this.

The emails are short and quick to digest – and easy to act on. So like the world’s most successful entrepreneurs you can take small, consistent steps and make HUGE progress over time.


Worried that you’ll start out with good intentions but get lost along the way? We want you to get the most out of Kickstart and stay on track, so have introduced three monthly reviews.

How do they work? Every three months we’ll send you a business review to complete. It will help you learn:

  • The areas of your business you need to focus your attentions on
  • Where you’re expending effort, but getting little reward
  • Where your profits are coming from (and where you’re leaking money!)
  • What you’re really good at – and how you can grow your success

The point of the three monthly reviews is that they make you really analyse your business and ensure that you’re on track to achieving your goals, and working as smartly as possible.

It's time to get started!

  • Over 100 workbooks and templates
  • 12 brilliant mini-courses
  • 10-minute coffee break videos
  • Free Productivity Power Pack
  • Private Facebook group
  • Live support and accountability
  • Weekly Gentle Nudge emails
  • Three monthly reviews

How much does it cost?

Get access to over £3,140 worth of expertise, including 100+ workbooks, 12 brilliant mini-courses, 10-minute videos and friendly live support


(less than 85p a day)

 (There's no commitment in joining Kickstart - you can leave or join on a monthly basis as you need.)

7-day money back guarantee

Our members LOVE the tools and support in Kickstart, and we’re sure you will too. But if for any reason you change your mind after joining, we’re happy to give you your money back. Just let us know within seven days of joining and we’ll refund you in full.