Imagine knowing exactly what to at every step to successfully launch your online product

Our Course Launch Planner guides you step-by-step through planning a successful launch (even if you have no idea what to do right now!)

Our Course Launch planner is a done-for-you, editable spreadsheet that makes planning a successful online product launch beautifully easy.

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Over the past six years we've sold hundreds of places on online courses and masterclasses. We've had launches that have bombed, and courses that sold out in minutes.

So we know what works when launching online products - and what mistakes to avoid. Over the years we've developed a masterplan for selling our online courses, and perfected a system that we use for all our launches today.

And now, for the first time, we're giving you access to our own Course Launch Planner - a customisable Google Sheet pre-filled with tables, calendars and calculation. It's your own course launch blueprint that will make your launches beautifully easy.

Get your copy now and you can have fun planning your next launch today - with our help!

You've worked hard to create your product... and no one is buying

Creating an online course or product is hard enough, but actually selling it is terrifying! What if no one buys? What if you open your cart and nothing happens?

Sadly this fear, as understandable as it is, puts off so many people from launching the product they put so much love and effort into. So rather than biting the bullet and selling, they tell themselves they're not ready yet, and spend months 'perfecting' it. Or they attempt to launch without a clear plan. And rather than getting the sales their course deserves, their worst fears come true. So they give up.

But what if, instead of guessing at launching your course you had a simple plan to follow? One that was based on years of successful course launches? And one you can customise to make your own?

That's exactly what the Course Launch Planner is. It's a done-for-you launch plan spreadsheet that's based on six years of selling online products. All you need to do is complete each section and you can build your own, customisable launch plan.

So no more procrastinating. No more guessing. Now you can launch your online product with a plan - and with confidence. And look forward to an inbox that looks like this...

“Thank you SO much Hannah! I know this is going to be SO helpful.”

— Dr Kayleigh Fawcett-Williams

10 brilliant, pre-designed tabs to help you plan a successful launch

We know exactly what it takes to plan a successful launch - we've had six years of practice! Our Course Launch Planner guides you easily through the process with 10 brilliant, pre-designed tabs that you can edit to completely customise for your launch. We even show you inside our own summit planner for inspiration on how to customise your own.

10 tabs that will transform your launches


Once your cart is open, you'll want to track your sales, and our results tab makes this REALLY easy. It also calculates essential information for you, like your conversion rate, and how many you still need to sell to hit your launch goal.

Tasks & Campaign Planner

A successful launch requires a comprehensive plan and diligent implementation, and our tasks and campaign planner tab do all the heavy lifting for you here. Plan out the activities you need for your launch - even down to the tags you add to emails. It's also a great place to store easy-to-lose details like URLs.


Do you know how most course and online product launchers price their products? Guesswork! And they sue the same strategy when setting their launch goals. From experience this just doesn't work! That's why we created the projections tab. It shows you how many sales you can expect at different prices, based on your list size. So you can start your paunch with a more realistic price and goal - and not get derailed by disappointment.

Avatars & Objections

There's one essential element of your launch you can't overlook - the people who will buy it! In our avatar tab we help you get laser clear on your buyers, and what they want and need from your course. We also ask you the two questions that helped one course owner we work with earn over £10,600 in her launch! And our powerful objections tab could be the most important document you every fill in for your course.

Content Ideas & Planner & Sales Funnel

The final ingredient of a successful launch is great content that is carefully planned to build a brilliant sales funnel. And it's just what these final tabs guide you through. We show you how to instantly come up with over 30 pieces of content your audience will LOVE and will make it infinitesimally easier to sell. Then we guide you through creating both a content and sales planner, plus a simple funnel for your launch.

BONUS ONE: How to build a simple but powerful sales funnel

To really bring your launch to life, we've included a special bonus for you - a mini-module that shows you how to build a simple but powerful sales funnel.

In this valuable bonus you get:

  • An 18-minute video showing you how to build a funnel, with ebook
  • A worksheet to fill out (you can then transfer your ideas to your Course Launch Planner) with completed example
  • A checklist with over 60 ideas for your funnel to inspire you

We've made it REALLY easy to learn

We guide you through using the planner, tab by tab on our on-demand, easy to use learning platform.

"Everything you need for a successful course launch!"

"Having one master document with everything on is a huge help. The Course Launch Planner is full of ideas and is a brilliant step-by-step guide to follow when launching new courses. 

The results tab at the start gets you feeling excited and you can start to see the impact and results for your business. I like how it goes down into the finer granular details and is a much easier way to assess results rather than trying to do this in different places - it brings everything together in one place, which visually is a lot easier to read and learn from.

It will help to easily see what emails are working or not. I have a sense of what's working but this is concrete and you have something to go back to again in the future for launches.

The bonus sales funnel piece is very helpful and I like that there are different things to look at, from the ebook to a checklist."

Rebecca Wilding-Jones, career coach

"I love straightforward, practical advice that I can implement quickly and the Course Launch Planner provides just that!

Hannah's succinct but detailed videos are easy to follow and easy to action for fast results. The downloadable Course Launch Planner document is a one stop shop for everything you need and is so easy to personalise.

If you want to keep on track and see your to-action list and your progress so far, then this is the gold-plated solution. It's everything you need for a successful course launch!"

Caroline Would, Ad Astra Coaching

BONUS TWO: Write powerful sales copy using GLPFS

Powerful sales copy is the secret weapon of every successful launch. And to ensure your launches pack a punch, we show you how to use the GLPFS technique, with the five essential triggers that your copy needs to sell.

You can use this technique to write your own powerful sales copy. Or you can just edit and send the GLPFS emails in our done-for-you swipe file.

Having one master document with everything on is a huge help.”

Rebecca Wilding-Jones

Learn from the expert!

The Course Launch Planner was created by me - I'm Hannah Martin, the founder of Talented Ladies Club, an award-winning copywriter and an expert in creating and selling courses.

I started Talented Ladies Club in 2013. Since then we've had over 4 million visitors to our site, helped thousands of women to run successful businesses.

But importantly, I've sold hundreds of places on online masterclasses, memberships and courses, and have helped other business owners and freelancers to create and sell online courses and products of their own too.

I know what works - and why - and have put all that knowledge into this brilliant masterplan for designing successful launches. It's the exact planner we use for our own launches, including our recent summit that attracted over 1,000 participants.


Who is this ideal for?

The Course Launch Planner has been designed for anyone who wants to sell an online course or product. We've used it for courses, masterclasses and an online summit. You can also easily adapt it to plan free webinars to get more sign ups.

How long do I have access to the course?

You have lifetime access to the course, including all the teaching content and video class recordings. So you can get a copy now, even if you're not planning a launch right now.

How quickly will I earn my investment back?

That depends on how much you are selling your course or product for! At just £99 we'd expect you to make it back with just one extra sale. And based on the result people have already achieved with it, with lifetime access we'd expect you to make the investment back many, many times over!

In fact a better question might be: "How much will this save me from losing in missed sales?!" Our Course Launch Planner could be the best £99 you ever spend on your business.

I am an arctic explorer/library monitor/beautician – will this work for my course?

Yes! Our Course Launch Planner will work whatever the subject of your course is. It will also work for an ebook, masterclass, membership launch, summit... any online product that involves planning a launch for a group of people.

Will this work for other products?

In a word - yes! We've used this planner to launch masterclasses, coaching and even a summit. Basically, if you're launching a product and want to plan and track a launch campaign then you'll find everything you need here.

I’m not techy. Can I do this?

Yes – we’re not techy either! It's really easy to get your own copy of our planner (we show you how to do this) and then we guide you through each tab, and even show you how to format the fields.

I don’t have the budget for expensive tech. Can I still plan a launch with this?

Again, yes! We show you how to plan a launch that will work on any tech you use. Other than using free Google Sheets to get your copy of the planner, we don't require you to invest in any technology.

What exactly do I get for my money?

You get a copy of our pre-designed course launch planner, plus short video guides explaining how to use each tab to plan your launch. You can use this planner for as many different launches as you like for years to come. You can easily tweak it each time to make it completely personal to each paunch. (We give you a sneak glimpse of our summit launch plan to inspire you.)

I can plan a launch for free. Why buy this?

Yes you can go it alone and try to plan your own launch for free. We've been down that road ourselves in the early days - and missed out on so many sales as a result. It's only when we got serious about our business and invested in (much more expensive!) help that we finally mastered launches. Our Course Launch Planner shortcuts the painful process of limp launches or ad hoc sales plans that disappoint. For just £99 you start with a proven plan!

What do people say about our course launch strategy?

The Course Launch Planner is based on the marketing and sales strategy we teach in Create and Sell Your First Course. Here's what people say about our strategy.

In a couple of months, I have gone from avoiding technology to fully embracing the learning platform and selling three courses - with more courses and masterclasses to come! There is no better feeling than selling a course whilst you are asleep!"

Caroline Would, Ad Astra Coaching

"Working with Hannah has been fantastic. She puts so much into her course and goes above and beyond.

We have mastered a sales technique that works and got us new clients and leads, and we will continue to use the tools and techniques Hannah has taught us going forward."

Rebecca Wilding-Jones, career coach

Create and Sell Your First Course is an excellent way to launch your online business. I completed the course and, simply by following the instructions, have launched a brand new online course and filled my first cohort easily.

Emma Rundle, Melting Pot Creations

"The 14-day marketing plan the course gives us was a dream. The step-by-step structure of how to go about selling your course was so useful. In fact it worked so well I’m going to use it for other campaigns, not just my course!

I’m not from a marketing background, so I loved how the course simplified how to sell and took us through the whole process."

Sally Smy, Queen Bee Styling

Ready to start planning a successul launch?

Let us help make it REALLY easy for you! Get our Course Launch Planner now and follow our proven masterplan.

“Everything you need for a successful course launch!”

— Caroline Would