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love to grow your own successful business from home?

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Get instant access to everything you need to start and run a business you love

Starting or running a business from home can feel daunting and lonely. Our membership club Kickstart gives you the structure, guidance, expertise and support you need to grow your business with confidence. 

Kickstart covers everything from marketing, PR and social media, to designing and writing your website - all packed into a library of over 120 workbooks, curated courses and videos. 

We also help you turn yourself into a confident and efficient entrepreneur with training on confidence, failure, overcoming barriers and planning a productive working week.

To support you on your journey, we run a friendly, private Facebook community and offer 1-2-1 monthly online coaching slots too - all part of your monthly membership.

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Facebook community

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Live 1-2-1 slots

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Kickstart has been key in inspiring me to pluck up the courage to take the plunge and start my own small business.

It's my go to resource for all things business due to its wealth of information.  So far, there has not been a instance that I've not been able to access or find what I've needed... I've learnt so much!

As a business novice, it's user friendly with a bit of light-heartedness thrown into the mix and I know it will continue to help me as my business develops.

The absolute icing on the cake is the access to the Facebook Kickstart group where you can ask questions and get advice from a network of other Talented Ladies. Thank you Kickstart!

Jennie Adams

Teaching and Learning | Inspiring Inquisitive Minds

How Does kickstart Work?


Get unrestricted access to a library of business tools and training

Inside Kickstart you'll find a library bulging with all the tools you need to build your business. Our workbooks, curated courses and videos cover everything from marketing, PR and social media, to SEO, design, money, confidence and productivity. 



Join a friendly, supportive online community of talented women

You're never alone on your business journey in Kickstart. Get advice, feedback and support in our friendly private Facebook community. And book a 1-2-1 live coaching slot with us via our Member Spotlight. 



Start and  grow a business you love

Whatever stage your business is at, Kickstart will help you plan a strategy and take confident, consistent steps as you grow into the entrepreneur you need to be to fulfill your true potential - and create a business you truly love. 


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please note: you're not committed to a minimum membership term. you can join for one month or, like many happy members, stay for years!