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Get step-by-step guidance to plan, structure, build and sell your first online course, in just four weeks - from a course expert.

The doors to our final 2020 cohort close in:

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Why join this course?

Online courses, have been an important part of our business growth and success.

Once you know how to build and sell them, they're an easy way to share your knowledge with a large number of people (which feels GREAT) and earn a consistent, reliable income (which also feels GREAT).

This is even more important right now, when many people's businesses have been hit by COVID-19. No wonder the industry is growing fast - by 2025 it is estimated it will be worth $325 billion.

Building your own online course gives you a new way to make money from your expertise now, and gives you more security in future by creating a permanent income stream you are in control of - whatever happens with lockdown.

This four-week programme guides you gently and smoothly through the process of creating and selling your first online course.

So you can get your expertise out into the world - and make money from it.

Please note: this is the last cohort we will be opening in 2020. So if you want to make money from online courses, please join now.

“If you’ve been planning a course for a while, or have just had an idea for one, I highly recommend this course.”

— Laura Harmsworth

What will you learn?

  • In module one we show you how to come up with an idea for a course people will love (and buy!) and test and name it.
  • In module two we show you how to structure your course and the lessons within it, making it REALLY easy to build, even if you're a complete beginner.
  • In module three we show you how to create and build your online course using easy, free technology – and even show you exactly how to use it.
  • In module four we show you how to sell your brilliant new course. We give you our 14-day marketing plan to make it wonderfully simple, and show you how to run a sales webinar.
  • In our bonus module we guide you through setting up and writing Facebook ads to sell your course if you wish to run them (our sales campaign works without them).

What do you get inside? Here's a sneak preview!

What do people say about the course?

"I was thinking about how to deliver more of my services online and this course came along at just the right time. Hannah made the whole end-to-end process for creating and selling a course both achievable and uncomplicated, and provided excellent advice on the technical provision.

In a couple of months, I have gone from avoiding technology to fully embracing the learning platform and selling three courses - with more courses and masterclasses to come! There is no better feeling than selling a course whilst you are asleep!"

Caroline Would, Ad Astra Coaching

"Working with Hannah has been fantastic. She puts so much into her course and goes above and beyond.

She really helped us to move our career coaching products online and to gain a sound understanding of how to market and sell these effectively.

We have mastered a sales technique that works and got us new clients and leads, and we will continue to use the tools and techniques Hannah has taught us going forward."

Rebecca Wilding-Jones, career coach

"The 14-day marketing plan the course gives us was a dream. The step-by-step structure of how to go about selling your course was so useful. In fact it worked so well I’m going to use it for other campaigns, not just my course!

I’m not from a marketing background, so I loved how the course simplified how to sell and took us through the whole process."

Sally Smy, Queen Bee Styling

Templates, live training and support

Each week you'll get access to all the worksheets, templates and teaching you need to confidently master the topic. And you'll follow simple assignments that will keep you moving through the programme - and bring your course to life.

We invite you to join a live teaching and Q&A class each week too. The class is recorded and sent out to everyone in case you miss it or want to re-watch it.

You can also ask questions and get help via the learning platform throughout the four weeks.

“Create your First Course gives you all the tools you need to build a course from scratch.”

— Susie Kwok

Who is your tutor?

This course was created and is run by me - I'm Hannah Martin and I'm the founder of Talented Ladies Club.

I started Talented Ladies Club in 2013. Today we've had over 3.8 million visitors to our site, helped thousands of women to run successful businesses, and sell a range of online courses and classes.

Talented Ladies Club has grown from my kitchen table to a global team, and I'm a regular media business expert, and mentor for NatWest's Entrepreneur Accelerator programme.

In this course you'll get access to my vast knowledge and experience - plus lots of useful tools - as I help you create and sell your first online course.

Pay in full now, or spread the payment over two months

We know these are tough times for many people. So we've created two payment options. You can join now for one payment of £399, or make two monthly payments of £229.

What do people say about the course?

"With my face-to-face workshops cancelled due to lockdown and looking for a way to support my clients, Hannah's 'Create and sell your first online course' couldn't have come at a better time. 

It is a fantastically comprehensive course that takes you from how to come up with a viable idea, through to building, marketing and selling the final product. I've learnt so many new skills I feel like I've had a reboot!

My clients are absolutely blown away by the learning platform and how professional my course looks, and feedback from course users has been fantastic.

This course is by far the best investment I've made in my business to date. Thank you Hannah!"

Frances Cushway, career coach

"This course is such good value. It is packed with practical content, clear “how-to” videos and literally holds you by the hand through all the steps you need to take. You can take the class at your own pace but I found the weekly live catch-ups so helpful in keeping me on track and accountable.

I am so glad that I took the leap and am so much closer now to my goals. Plus my goals are clearer too. Thank you."

Aileen Edgar, tutor

"This course by Hannah Martin is excellent. Every one of the sessions is packed with practical and clear instructions on every step needed to get a complete and running course.

From how to test your idea, to promoting and selling your course - everything was there, saving time and making it easy to develop and sell your first online course. The session about pricing was particularly useful.

Hannah's expertise and her patience and understanding make her a very approachable tutor. Her dedication is reflected in the high quality of the courses we produced during our attendance. I highly recommend it! "

Maria Alejandra Gonaldi, calligrapher

Easy to use learning platform

Learn when and where you like with our on-demand, easy to use learning platform.


Who is this ideal for?

Create and Sell Your First Course has been designed for small business owners and freelancers who want to earn money online by building and selling an online course. It's open to students in any country.

How long do I have access to the course?

You have lifetime access to the course, including all the teaching content and video class recordings. So you can sign up now even if you're not ready to start yet. You can also use the content to create new courses in future. Once you've got the course bug you won't want to stop at one!

How quickly will I earn my investment back?

That depends on you! The process we teach you in this course works - fashion stylist Sally Smy followed our advice and made her investment back more than 10x in her first launch.

The average price people in cohort one charged for their courses was £199, which means you could be in profit on your second student!

I am an arctic explorer/library monitor/beautician – could I create and sell a course?

As long as you have expertise that someone else would love to learn, or helps someone solve a problem, you can create a course. To make it really easy for you to come up with ideas that people will love, we show you how to use the Magic Three method.  

I don't yet have a business or a large following. Can I sell a course?

Yes. You don't need an established business or a big list to sell a course. You just need expertise that someone will pay to learn. We’ll teach you how to find your audience and generate interest in your course.

Will you teach me how to make a download/video etc?

Yes, we’ll show you how to create course downloads, videos and presentations… anything you need to deliver your course content.

I’m not techy. Can I do this?

Yes – we’re not techy either! What matters is not how slick and well-edited your videos are, but the quality of your content and how easy it is to follow. We’ll show you how to create content using simple tools anyone can master. 

I don’t have the budget for expensive tech. Can I still create a course?

Again, yes! We’ll show you how to create a course using the cheapest software and technology – and using equipment you already have and software that is free.

Can I really start selling my course in four week's time?

Yes, if you follow the process we show you in this course. Some people choose to take longer, but if you follow our advice and do the work you could be enrolling paid students in four week's time.

Will you run this course again?

We don't currently have a date for a new cohort, and definitely won't be running it again in 2020. So if you think you might want to do it but not quite yet, we recommend buying now, as you get lifetime access.

Love to learn this? Join now!

  • How to come up with a course idea people will LOVE (and want to buy)
  • An easy way to test your idea, and generate interest
  • How to find students, even if you don't yet have a list
  • How to work out and test your pricing options
  • How to structure your content using the five-two method
  • How to actually build your course using a free learning platform
  • How to plan out a full-funnel, 14-day sales campaign
  • And how to market and sell your course to happy students
JOIN FOR 1 x £399

“If you are putting together your first online course then this course is a must!”

— Sally Smy