Make marketing REALLY easy and profitable with our simple plan

Want more customers but don't know where to start with marketing? Or have you tried to market your business but not been successful... yet?

The Fundamentals of a Brilliant Marketing Plan is an online course that helps you overcome a lack of practical knowledge and fear of marketing by:

  • Helping you build an easy but powerful marketing plan
  • So you can find and sell to more happy customers
  • Without hiring help you can’t afford, or wasting time on tactics that don’t work

This course is for you if:

  • You want to attract more customers or clients. But...
  • You don't know where to start with your marketing. Or...
  • You've tried DIY marketing but it's just not worked. And...
  • You can't afford to pay someone to do your marketing. So...
  • You'd really love a simple plan to follow that you can trust will work.

How our easy marketing plan will save you money

Marketing is essential for small businesses, but it isn't cheap. Here's what it costs to hire an expert to create a marketing plan for you:

Freelance marketing consultants are brilliant and often cheaper than an agency, but you would still be looking at several hundred pounds or dollars for a one-off marketing strategy.

The Fundamentals of a Brilliant Marketing Plan helps you build your own marketing plan for as little as £99 a month, making it the best possible value for money.

What do people say about Hannah's courses?

"Working with Hannah has been fantastic. She puts so much into her course and goes above and beyond.

She really helped us to move our career coaching products online and to gain a sound understanding of how to market and sell these effectively.

We have mastered a sales technique that works and got us new clients and leads, and we will continue to use the tools and techniques Hannah has taught us going forward."

Rebecca Wilding-Jones, career coach

"I completed the course and, simply by following the instructions, have launched a brand new online course and filled my first cohort easily.

It’s the planning and flow of the course that really works because it takes you through every step of the process. So you can literally come from knowing nothing and learn a complete process which could then be replicated as much as you like."

Emma Rundle, Melting Pot Creations

"The 14-day marketing plan the course gives us was a dream. The step-by-step structure of how to go about selling your course was so useful. In fact it worked so well I’m going to use it for other campaigns, not just my course!

I’m not from a marketing background, so I loved how the course simplified how to sell and took us through the whole process."

Sally Smy, Queen Bee Styling

How we help you grow your sales (without tears)

The Fundamentals of a Brilliant Marketing Plan is the no-tears solution to small business marketing.

It guides you step-by-step as you create a professional marketing plan that is uniquely designed for your business, and tailored to your time and resources.

It's designed for beginners AND businesses who have attempted marketing but not yet achieved the results they wanted. All you need to do is follow the process and you'll build a marketing plan that is easy to follow and proven to grow your sales.

Here's what you'll cover in each module.


Master marketing

Discover what 'marketing' really means, the difference between evergreen marketing and marketing campaigns, the three essential elements of marketing, and what a completed marketing plan looks like.


Find your people

Learn why 'niching' into your target audience is so important. Research your ideal customer, turn them into avatars you can use for marketing, and work out how you can find more of these people.


Build your journey

Find out why all customers need to join a 'journey' with you, and why so many businesses get this wrong. Build the six stages of your journey, learn how much time a buyer needs, and master the two types of buying trigger.


Define your messaging

Develop powerful messaging that will appeal to your ideal customer and nurture them through your journey. Define your mission, vision and values, craft copy that describes what you do, overcome objections, and build your messaging matrix.


Map your content

Create your marketing content plan. Discover the type of content you need at every stage of your journey, come up with specific ideas, and map out your content with powerful content that converts.


Grow your loyalty

Discover the power of loyalty and develop ways to build it into your marketing strategy. Find ways to make it easier and more special to buy from you, and encourage repeat purchases and grow your LTV.


Plan your campaigns

Get the secret to successful marketing campaigns. Walk through the steps of planning a campaign, see the content your campaigns need, and get a template to create powerful campaigns that convert.


Launch your strategy

Put everything together to plan a brilliant evergreen marketing strategy, ready to launch. Plan your marketing goals, conduct a SWOT analysis, then launch your plan with our easy-to-use worksheet and template.

Plus! Two bonus modules

To add extra oomph to your marketing, you also get two bonus modules.


Sales copy

Master the secrets of writing powerful sales copy that sounds like you and is appealing to your customers or clients. Transform your headlines with AIDA, and steal our copywriter's GLPFS formula for writing irresistible sales emails.


Email marketing

Take your new sales copy skills to the next stage by mastering email marketing. Discover important insights that will make your email marketing more powerful, and write your sales email sequence using our simple swipe file.

Take a look inside the course

Here's how we've helped grow the sales of business owners like you

Wildlife tech expert Kayleigh Fawcett Williams earned over £10,600 in a single launch

Copywriter Emma Rundle easily sold out the first cohort of her online course

CV writer Laura Harmsworth has been fully booked almost all the time for over four years

Meet your marketing expert

Hello, I am Hannah Martin and I am the founder of Talented Ladies Club and the Get Rich Slow podcast. I'm also an award-winning copywriter, qualified psychotherapist and NLP Practitioner.

I've worked in the marketing industry since 1997, when I joined Ogilvy & Mather in Hong Kong as a copywriter.

Over the next few years I worked on international campaigns for clients like The Economist, Sony, Google, Sheraton, and Ford, and won many awards.

Since launching Talented Ladies Club, I've developed a proven marketing approach that works for small businesses.

It's an plan I have shared with other entrepreneurs over the past few years (as you can see from some of the examples on this page), with great success.

I can't wait to help you build brilliant marketing campaigns that will grow your business and sales... without tears!

This is the only marketing plan you will ever need

Join The Fundamentals of a Brilliant Marketing Plan now and we'll help you launch a simple but powerful marketing plan you can use forever - the same strategy that increased our profits by 3,150% - and give you a proven campaign planning template.

Choose from three accessible plans

121 Support
£499 only

  • Comprehensive marketing resource
  • Instant access to all modules
  • Help to build your own plan
  • Lifetime access
  • Access to marketing community
  • Support via online Q&A
  • 60 minute 121 review

£499 (incl VAT)


Life Access
£299 only

  • Comprehensive marketing resource
  • Instant access to all modules
  • Help to build your own plan
  • Lifetime access
  • Access to marketing community
  • Support via online Q&A

£299 (incl VAT)

Rent Monthly

  • Comprehensive marketing resource
  • Help to build your own plan
  • Work at your own pace
  • Pause rental whenever you need
  • Access to marketing community

£99 (incl VAT)

Which plan is right for YOU?

121 Support

Best for you if you are serious about marketing and want 121 support.

Life Access

Best for you if you want to work at your own pace, and use as an ongoing resource.

Rent Monthly

Best for you if you want to dip in and out of marketing, or are ready to complete your plan in a month. 

100% confidence guarantee

We are 100% confident our marketing plan works. So if you decide it's not for you, just let us know within 14 days of joining. Send us the work you have done (to demonstrate you have given it a fair go) and we will refund you in full.

Got a question? Email us!

Got a question about The Fundamentals of a Brilliant Marketing Plan? Click the button to email Hannah personally.



Why should I buy a course? Can't I just work it out on my own, for free?

Yes of course you can research how to write a marketing plan yourself - there are hundreds of thousands of blogs and videos out there to read and watch.

But that's the problem: Do you have the time to scour all these blogs and watch videos? And how can you trust the advice you're being given works?

We've done the research and applied the strategies for you. So all you need to do is follow our simple process and you'll have a plan you are 100% confident in and ready to launch.

It will save you time, frustration, and stop you wasting money on testing marketing approaches that don't work, or waiting even longer.

When does the course start?

As soon as you join you get instant access to the first module if you opt for monthly rental, or all 10 modules if you choose lifetime access.

I'm not in the UK. Can I still join?

Yes - people from all over the world join and love our online courses.

Why should I do this course now?

The best time to write your marketing plan is yesterday. The second best time is today. Why? Because every day you are not implementing a well-planned marketing strategy is a day your competitors are creeping ahead of you.

Think of it like this, a good ROI (return on investment) for marketing is between 20-50%. Even at the bottom level, this means that for every £1,000 you spend on marketing you can expect to earn an extra £200.

That means that every day that passes, a competitor who HAS planned a marketing strategy has an extra 20% to spend on their marketing. Over time, the compound effect of this means that their brand and sales grow faster than yours - and they take a larger share of the market.

So in one year's time, a competitor who may have started out smaller than you has overtaken you. And in three year's time they can be so far ahead that you are unable to catch them up.

The brutal truth is that you don't have the luxury of waiting to start planning a proper marketing strategy. You need to start today, and ensure that you do't just preserve your existing share of the market, but you grow it and stop more savvy competitors from stealing business that should have been yours for the taking.

How long do I have access to the course?

If you opt for monthly rental you can access the course while you rent it. You can pause your monthly rental if you wish, and pick up where you left off later.

If you choose lifetime access the course is yours to keep and refer back to at any time you wish.

How much time will it take every week?

As with all our courses, we have designed this to fit into your working week. If you are highly motivated to launch your marketing plan and have set aside the time, you can easily complete it in a month.

Or, if you want work on it over time around your other commitments, and return to it whenever you need, you can do so. Whatever option you choose, this course is a smart investment of your time!

I am an arctic explorer/library monitor/beautician – will this work for me?

Yes! We teach you how marketing works and what you need to do to create both an evergreen and campaign strategy. You'll learn skills that will work for any businesses - whether it's your own business or skills you want to use to help others.

How do I know your marketing advice works?

I have worked in advertising and marketing since 1997. I started as an advertising copywriter working for Ogilvy & Mather in Hong Kong, and worked on global campaigns for well-known brands. I

n my advertising career I won numerous awards for my work and delivered KPI-beating campaigns for clients like The Economist, Playstation and Unilever.

I have honed my marketing skills further on Talented Ladies Club. Since our launch in 2013, I have grown the brand to attract over 100,000 readers a month on our website, and my campaigns have sold hundreds of places on our courses, masterclasses and memberships.

The strategy I teach you on this course has enabled me to grow our annual profits by 3,150% in just five years - while now working part time.

I have also helped many small businesses and freelancers plan and implement marketing strategies and campaigns that have launched new products and boosted sales on existing ones.

How much will it cost to implement my marketing plan?

We teach you how to market using your existing channels - organic social media, your website, your blog and your mailing list.

If you don't have any of these elements, or any branding, you may wish to invest in those. And if you want to grow your list you might decide to pay for advertising. But if you do, you will get better results (and pay less for your ads) with a proper marketing strategy behind them.

I'm not 'techy'. Can I do this?

Yes! I'm not techy either. It's my mission to make marketing simple and easy to understand and use.

If you can read, print, write and watch a video, you can do this course. And if you can use a basic spreadsheet then you can use our tools.

You don't need any prior understanding of marketing, nor awareness of marketing tools to successfully complete this course and reap the benefits of it.

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