Where to go to find the best and most authentic college reviews

Is your child heading off to college soon? If so, here’s some helpful advice to find the perfect university for them.

College is one of the most exciting times in a young person’s life. It is also an important investment – both financially and in terms of time. You have been working endlessly on preparing your resume in preparation for college. 

But there is one major issue before going off to university.


What is the best university to attend? The country has so many universities that it is difficult to decide which is the best one to attend.

You need to look at university reviews. There are many websites that can breakdown the characteristics and other great features of universities. By looking at these metrics, you can make the best decision on which university you should attend.

Keep reading for a list of university reviews websites you should check out today.

1) CollegeTimes

This is a review site that provides student-based reviews. These student reviews are provided by current and former students of a university.

Students have the option to review the campus, the quality of education, and the social life and extracurricular activities that the university provides.

By using this service, you will be able to study the overall satisfaction of the students at any given college. While you may have a dream institution because of its academic rigor, you want to make sure that your four years will be spent well. You truly want to make sure you make the best memories at college. Who is better at providing testimonials than your own peers?

By the way, if you want to specifically attend the Ultimate Medical Academy, you should look specifically at the reviews of the campus.

2) GetEducated.com

This is a website that focuses on showcasing the best online degree programs. It dispels with unaccredited and spam universities and focuses on accredited university’s where a student can fully complete their degree online.

Students can offer their reviews about their online degree programs. If you are planning on completing your degree online and want to know about the quality of education, this is the best place to look for reviews.

3) College Confidential

If you want to directly interact with current college students, then College Confidential is the place for you.

This website has features where you can ask questions to students who attend a university that is on your shortlist. You can ask about the academic rigor, the social life, and even more personal questions such as what your chances of acceptance are.

Speaking directly to your peers is one of the best ways to see which colleges should remain on your shortlist and which you should remove.

4) The colleges official website

Alright, let’s take a break to tell you why you should visit and explore in-depth the website of the college’s that you wish to attend.

Obviously, these websites are biased. They will present the college in the best light that is possible. Nevertheless, you will be able to study the curriculum of your desired major. You may be able to contact the heads of a department as well as specific professors. By speaking to them and asking them about your major, you will get a better idea of whether or not the school is for you.

You can also learn about the social life at the university. The university website will give information regarding sporting events, Greek organizations, clubs, and other festivities.

Always look through your school’s website to get an idea if the school will suit your needs.

5) The Equality of Opportunity Project

This is a unique website that will ask you for your credentials. It targets students who are at the lower end of the socioeconomic scale.

It will then look at different schools to determine which are best for helping the student’s upward mobility. While one may be tempted to automatically attend the school with the highest ranking, this website may show that attending such a school may not be the best for the student.

If you are a student who is a part of this demographic, you should seriously consider spending time on this website. If you wish to attend university so that you can move up in life, you want to make sure that you pick the school that will give you a great education, and that will help you achieve your dreams.

6) BigFuture

BigFuture is a website presented by The College Board. This website gives you the most important metrics of a school. 

These metrics include the cost of tuition, graduation rates, size of the student body, the majors available, and information regarding campus life. 

Students can select the metrics that are most important to them and rank them in order of priority. They will then be presented with a list of universities that best suit the criteria that they have selected.

Sometimes you need to determine what you are most looking for with a college and let the experts create a shortlist for you. BigFuture does exactly that!

7) College Navigator by NCES

The National Center for Education Statistics has a service called College Navigator. This website provides information on many universities. The information includes the list of majors offered, graduation rates, and interestingly – it features success stories of alumni. This way, you will know how the university helped its students land their careers.

It is also a great website for estimating student expenses. If your budget is a concern – as it is for most prospective college students – then you definitely want to use this tool. You want to make sure you know how much you have to shell out before you enroll.

These estimated student expenses include the average cost of tuition, the cost of textbooks, school supplies, dormitories, meal plans, and other college expenses.

As this is handled through a government agency, you can trust that they have done their research and that you can receive accurate information. We highly recommend using this service whether or not you have prepared a shortlist of preferred schools.

Read the reviews and choose the right university for you

You’ll spend a few years – and some of the most formative times of your life – at college. So take your time now, do your research by checking out the best university reviews to find the perfect place for you.