What can you expect on our Brand Story Day?

We’ve been talking a bit recently about the Brand Story Day we’re holding on 20 June at Beaverbrook in Surrey. And several people have asked us what you’ll achieve on the day.

So we thought we’d give you an insight into what you can expect – both before and during the day.

Master your mission and ideal customer

We want to make sure you arrive at the day confident and fully prepared, so we get you exploring your business and learning before the day!

Once you book your place, we’ll help you to master your company mission statement, and identify your ideal customers. From these you’ll create simple avatars to use as a shortcut to recall who you’re talking to, and what kind of brand sub-theme and content they’ll best relate to.

Map out your brand story

We’ll start the Brand Story Day (after breakfast together) by mind mapping your brand story using a fun, interactive exercise. You’ll get guidance from us and feedback from the group on your story to ensure that you haven’t missed any important aspect.

Once you’ve finished, you’ll have a valuable document you can return to any time to refresh your concept of your holistic brand, and re-fuel your passion for what you do.

Choose your brand pillars and sub-themes

Once your brand story mind map is complete, we’ll decide on your key brand pillars from this.

We’ll then use these to create your sub-themes. These are the building blocks for all your messaging and content, and a rich source of inspiration for social media.

Create your content matrix

Using these you’ll start to create your a content matrix. We’ll show you how to easily come up with content ideas using your sub-themes, and give you plenty of suggestions to get started.

Plan your customer journey

Next we’ll identify your customer journey. Every customer goes on a journey from first hearing about you to becoming a loyal, repeat buyer or user.

We explain how this process works, and the type of content you need at each stage to help people identify if you’re right for them, and move through the funnel if it’s the right time for them.

This journey is your marketing and sales funnel, and we’ll show you how to map your content matrix against this to ensure you have enough of the right content at each stage.

Create your content grid

We then move to another fun exercise: creating your customer grid. We’ll give you the tools to play around with themes to create a monthly grid you can easily populate from your content matrix (or delegate to someone else to do for you).

We’ll show you how to create bespoke grids to specific campaigns, products and seasons too.

Write your boilerplate copy

We’ll end the day by helping you to craft your boilerplate copy. This is the short piece of copy that tells people who you are and what you do – and who you’re unique.

After a day or brand work this will come much more easily to you. And you’ll have our expertise to craft beautiful pieces of copy you can use on your website, social media and in networking introductions.

Spend an inspiring day with fabulous entrepreneurs

You’ll walk away from an inspiring and fun day with a really clear idea of what you do and why, a completed brand story, and a content strategy ready to go.

You’ll also meet fellow passionate entrepreneurs and some of the people behind TLC, including our founder, Hannah Martin, who will lead the day and work personally with you during it.

Why we’re so passionate about this day

This is the first live event we’ve hosted, and it’s no surprise we’ve chosen this topic to launch with.

Over the past six years we’ve built a profitable business through a strong brand story and content strategy. We’ve attracted over 3 million readers, and have grown to over 90,000 visitors a month.

On our Brand Story Day Hannah Martin will share her experience, and show you how you too can use your brand story and content to unlock the value in your own business.

You’ll get extraordinary value from this day whether you’re already using content (everything from social media posts and blogs, to networking and podcasts) in your business, or are a complete beginner. 

Secure your place now for £399

We can’t wait to spend a productive, rewarding day with you, and help you uncover your brand story – and turn it into a content strategy that authentically sells what you do to your ideal customers.

If our Brand Story Day sounds like a good fit for you, you can secure your place now for just £399 here.

To ensure we have the time to give you individual attention, we’re only making 12 places on this day available (a few have already been taken).

So if you’d like to secure your place, please do so soon. If you have any questions about the day you’re welcome to email Hannah Martin and she’ll be happy to answer them.

Secure your place on our Brand Story Day for £399