Want to train as a medical student? Here are the top schools in California

If you’re thinking of becoming a medical assistant, then this is the right time to put your ambition into action.

The growth rate of careers in medicine is set at 23% from 2018-2028, as provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The average growth rate of most careers stands at 5%, so this little statistic should be a very encouraging motive to reserve your place in this fast-growing and rewarding career.

What does a medical assistant do?

Many people mistakenly think a medical assistant does nothing more than perform minor jobs for a physician. But this isn’t the case.

As a medical assistant, you’re responsible for so many things to do with the well-being of a patient, as well as administrative work. In this job, you will be taking initiative, not just orders. Here are a few details to give you a taste of what the job is like.

Being a medical assistant entails:

  • Helping patients by providing information, services, and assistance.
  • Tracking medical supplies and inventory.
  • Performing preventive maintenance to keep medical equipment operating.
  • Interviewing patients and recording their medical history.
  • Preparing patients for examinations by performing initial physical tests.
  • Summarizing patient history.
  • Counseling patients by explaining physicians’ orders.
  • Answering questions about surgery.
  • Maintaining a safe and healthy work environment via standards and procedures.
  • Complying with legal requirements.

These are just some elements of the job that demonstrate the role involves both a medical side and an administrative side.

If you’re employed at a small doctor’s clinic, you will probably do both. If employed at a bigger organisation, you might be obliged to do both or lean towards one aspect of the job more than the other.

Top schools in California

If you’d like to pursue a career as a medical assistant, you’ll want to be part of a top program that delivers all the necessary skills that will help you to land the perfect job.

The third largest state, California is known for so many things, including being home to some of the best medical assistance schools. So it’s worth looking into the best CA Medical Assistant Schools available in California.

For medical assistants, California does not have any specific licensing or certification requirements, other than being aware of the regulations of the Medical Board of California.

But for certified medical assistants, there are three certifying boards that are approved by the Medical Board of California:

  1. California Certifying Board of Medical Assistants (CCMA)
  2. Registered Medical Assistant (RMA)
  3. Certified Medical Assistant (CMA)

What are the best schools in California for medical assistants?

So what are the best schools in California if you want to qualify as a medical assistant? Here are some of the top picks.

San Joaquin Valley College, Visalia

Tise school has trained people for the past 40 years, providing an excellent learning opportunity from the time of enrolment.

In just nine months, you can complete a certified program, taking courses in anatomy and medical terminology, office skills, computer applications, pharmacology, medical administration, and clinical procedures.

The curriculum also prepares you for the certification exam. After finishing all courses, a four-credit externship in a real-world clinical setting is expected to be completed. 

Carrington College, Citrus Heights, Pleasant Hill, Sacramento, San Jose, San Leandro & Stockton

The coursework on this program includes basic medical assisting courses since you’ll be taking general education courses as well.

Typing, clinical reasoning, patient communication, medical ethics, legal handling of insurance claims, bookkeeping, and conducting diagnostic tests are some areas of expertise you’ll be exposed to.

These skills are further boosted by a 180-hour externship completed in a clinical setting.

American Career College, Anaheim, Los Angeles & Ontario

The school offers an accelerated nine-month course that teaches you the skills needed for an entry-level job. You’ll start the course with an introductory module and end with a 200-hour externship.

During the externship, you will be given the opportunity to demonstrate and reinforce the knowledge and skills you learned. 

Concorde Career College, Garden Grove, North Hollywood, San Bernardino & San Diego

The coursework on this program prepares you for clinical and administrative duties. Get ready to be exposed to the practical aspects of this career from day one.

It will prepare you for various life-saving tasks such as performing first-aid and CPR, preparing patients for medical examinations, and preparing and keeping track of medical records, some of the many other skills you will learn in the program.

Long Beach City College, Long Beach

Within just a year, you will master skills to prepare you for this rewarding career. LBCC offers a certificate as well as an associate degree program that expertly combines both clinical and administrative workings. This Associate Degree prepares students for career advancement once a certificate has been earned.

Downey Adult School, Downey

The Medical Assistant Certificate is a program designed to be finished after studying for 30 weeks. Once completed, you have the option to apply for entry-level positions as a medical assistant, ER technician, or laboratory technician. You will complete a total of 660 hours, with both morning and evening classes available. 

Mayfield College, Cathedral City

The coursework on this excellent 40-week certificate program allows you to work as a clinical or administrative assistant, occupational therapy assistant, medical receptionist, or a mix of all in a variety of clinical settings.

The diversity of these courses gives you the chance to explore the field in its entirety. 

North-West College, Glendale, Long Beach, Pomona, Riverside, Santa Ana, West Covina & Van Nuys

Classes on this program are offered in seven different campus sites in California, which means you can maintain your lifestyle while also studying at suitable times. This certificate program can be completed in nine months. You will complete the curriculum by taking eight learning modules, after which you must take 144 hours of clinical externship. 

Which California school is right for you?

California schools have much to offer future medical assistants. As long as you’re 18 years or over, have a desire to help people who have medical conditions, and enjoy administrative work, this could be the career that you’ve dreamed of.

Choosing the right program means you are ensuring becoming a competent and efficient medical assistant. This allows you to provide hundreds and thousands of people with an appropriate standard of care and achieve a rewarding feeling by helping many.