Want to lose fat? Here are five ways to try (aside from dieting)

Putting on weight can feel depressing. Our clothes don’t fit properly, we feel sluggish and we can some to hate the sight of our body in the mirror.

And while, if you want to lose weight and become more healthy, following a healthy diet with the right nutrition can certainly help, there are other ways that can also help you burn fat. Here are five ways you might consider trying.

1) Cool sculpting 

When it comes to technology, we’ve come a long way in fighting fat in recent years. Treatments like Cool Sculpting Fat Freezing can thelp to reduce and even permanently kill fat cells.

This technology works by freezing fat cells, which have a tendency to freeze faster than skin cells, reducing the amount of fat in the areas you’d like to target, without affecting your skin.

2) Exercise

While exercise is known to help you lose weight tone your body, certain types of training can not only increase the amount of fat you burn in the same amount of time, but also continue to burn fat even after you’ve finished with your workout.

So in theory, you can still be burning fat while sitting on the couch doing absolutely nothing. Sounds pretty good, right? So what are these miracle workouts?

Strength training, which includes lifting weights, helps to build more muscle mass to increase your strength. The amount of fats you burn per workout are determined based on the muscle mass your body holds. So, the more muscle you gain, the more fat you’ll be able to burn. 

Other types of workout that also boost fat burning are exercises that revolve around high intensity workout and cardio training. The former method works on fluctuating heart rates in defining times to increase the rate of fat burn as well as metabolism. It is not only a great way of losing weight, but has also really improved your overall fitness levels. 

Cardio training works on exercising your heart and lungs. It’s also known for improving overall fitness, and is considered one of the most effective ways to enhance fat burn off. Training regularly will increase your muscle mass too, helps you burn more fat. 

3) Eating healthy fats 

Contrary to popular belief, eating healthy fats won’t make you fatter! Healthy fats such as salmon, avocado, olive oil and nuts are not be stored in your body as fats when consumed in the right doses.

In fact, eating healthy fats will keep you feeling full for longer periods of time, and therefore actually help with weight loss.

However, it’s worth mentioning that these sources of foods have a high calorie count, and when eaten in large amounts can put you over your daily calorie intake, which will end up being counterproductive for weight loss. 

4) Get more sleep 

Getting enough sleep helps maintain a balance in your body, especially when it comes to hormones. This in turn can lead to a decreased appetite, and help with weight loss.

However, with some people, the exact opposite happens with lack of sleep. Their hormones can be disrupted, leading to an increase in appetite which can lead to weight gain.

Getting seven hours of sleep per day can also help harmonise your mood and reduce the need for emotional eating, making it easier to follow a healthy diet. 

5) Drink coffee

Who doesn’t want a good reason to drink coffee? And we’ve certainly got a good one: caffeine can apparently help in burning fat.

If you look at the ingredients of most fat burning supplements, you’ll find that caffeine is a primary ingredient. This is because caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant that not only increases metabolism, but also acts as a booster when it comes to the breakdown of fatty acids.

Increasing your metabolism will result in more fat cells being burnt, and therefore help with both fat and weight loss. 

Photo by Thought Catalog